questionsdo 24-hour dentists exist?


Found a site for a San Diego who seems to make house calls. I don't know how far you are from there, but here is the site


The yellow pages is a pretty good bet. There are definitely 24 hour dentists out there but since I don't know where you live you're going to have to look up the info. Good luck!


@zuiquan: Ah yes, the yellow pages. I think it's what I have propping up the sofa. ^_^

I did find some gauze pads to bite on, the bleeding has since stopped, and the pain pills have kicked in, so I might just make it through the night now.


@narfcake: I am always surprised at how unnaturally painful tooth problems can be. Much like bee stings, it hurts a million times worse than it should. Good luck. Hopefully you'll make it until morning.


Most regular dentists are on call for emergencies 24/7. If you have a dentist that your see on a regular basis for check ups, I'm sure they will meet you for an emergency.

Good luck!


Thanks, everyone (with upvotes). Indeed, it was a lot more painful last night; right now at work, it not that bad. A little tingly, but not like that sharp stab it was.

I'll call my regular dentist later this morning to see if he can squeeze me in today.


The mouth has a disproportionate number of nerves, both motor and sensory, relative to its size. This is useful when eating something tasty and somewhat less useful when pain is involved. Generally, it's important to treat dental injuries prompted because an open mouth wound offers bacteria easy access to the bloodstream - as well as ample opportunity!

@narfcake: if the pain has diminished, that might be a good sign that the injury isn't serious, but it might also be a sign that the nerve is sufficiently damaged that it's stopped responding. Good luck!