questionsshall we swap stories about surprises?


I'll go with surprising my (then) girlfriend with a diamond in bed, to make her my (then) fiancé; now she is my wife of 10+ years. The funny part was when she took it out of the container and the diamond fell into the bedsheets...there was 5 minutes of frantic searching before it was recovered. :)


no BOC again.......SURPRISE!!!


It took some time to find this, but sharing the site (images) is WAY better than trying to explain it. Ha! I haven't looked at them in a long time. I'm about 55 pounds heavier in these. Ha!

Rough synopsis - I set up a fake photo shoot for my GF (now wife) and I. She didn't know, but the photographer was there to capture something 'life changing'


I can't remember any good surprises lately. I will say that it is very difficult to surprise my wife, so every birthday/Christmas, I try to go out of my way to give her a surprise present.
My favorite was the first Christmas we spent together (right before we got married) I bought her tickets to The Nutcracker at the Fox. I knew she would know what it was if I just gave her an envelope or a card, so I found a shoe box, filled it with pea-gravel to make it heavy and put the tickets in an envelope at the bottom.
She picked up the box, surprised by how heavy it was, and dropped it. She then shook it, only to hear the gravel inside.
She looked at me and asked what it was. I told her she probably broke it since she dropped it. Her face fell, she dug into it, found rocks, laughed, and punched me in the arm. Then she found the tickets. :-D


i'd have to say my best surprise was a going away party my wife put together. when we were dating, she lived in Seattle and i was in Chicago. i got laid off from Motorola and we decided i should move to seattle. little did i know she called my friends to plan a surprise party complete with all my favorite Chicago foods and a parting gift of a telescope i'd wanted for the past year.

in order to get phone numbers for all my friends, she got me drunk. yeah, that's right. she took me out specifically to get me drunk, steal my phone and copy down all my friends' phone numbers.

on our way to the party (i thought we were just going over to play some cards and eat some pizza) she got a phone call from one of my friends saying all the people weren't there yet. so, she had me stop all 7-11 with the excuse that pizza gave her heartburn and she needed some antacids. she was in 7-11 for a full 15 minutes. i thought she'd gotten stuck in a bathroom or something.




the party was a smashing success. a whole lot of my friends and co-workers showed up and the food was awesome: giordano's stuffed pizza, chicago style hotdogs and an entire crave case of white castle!

oh...the telescope was pretty frickin awesome as well. it was a blast seeing all my friends for a last hurrah. we left to drive to seattle about 5 days later. but that's a story for another time.


My siblings are spread out across the entire country. The youngest (twins) were graduating high school and really wanted us to go. We had tearful, "I'm sorry, I just can't afford the flight and time off work right now," conversations. Then our oldest sister grabbed me at the airport on her way into town - and they were woken up at 3am with siblings and nieces tackling them. Awesome surprise.


I bought a groupon for this put your kid's photo into a book thing. There was this one book about potty training. And because nothing makes me laugh more than poop jokes, I used one of my friend's most embarrassing photos and then sent it to her (she's in LA). I don't know if she appreciated it as much as I did, but the couple weeks of non-stop laughter from me made it a good surprise.


So, similar story.
My dad, mum, and sister were in Greece on holiday. My cousin was getting married in March, so on a whim my wife and I decided to surprise everyone and attend since we could grab a pair of super cheap airline tickets. (Seriously, like $200/ticket round trip. This was back in aught-zero, before the whole shebang collapsed) I had to coordinate with my sister for pickup at the airport, but nobody else knew. We did it all sneaky, and I had my camera ready as we knocked on the door. I still smile at the open mouthed gape of surprise my dad and mum showed as realization struck that we were actually standing there, thousands of miles away from home.
Good times....

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Surprised the family last year for Christmas. Flew into Philly early and went to my brother-in-laws house. My wife's parents were there but didn't know we were coming. We rang the doorbell, her mom opened the door and then immediately slammed the door shut. She still says it was an accident.


During my last and final-puking-my-brains-out-dear-God-I'll-never-do-this-again pregnancy, the best surprise was finding out during delivery that our "one placenta/identical girls" turned out to be boy/girl fraternal twins. My wonderful husband, who is the only male with the family surname in America to carry on the lineage, got his boy, and I got two babies for the morning sickness of one. (Morning sickness? Ha. It was 17 weeks of around the clock nausea so intense I would've rather been hit by a truck.)


Then hubby's parents wanted us to fly up to WI for a family reunion. Everyone else lived in WI except us (TX). They wanted to keep it a secret so we flew in and drove to the hotel where we would all be. His parents got us to our room and gave us some silly disguises (big hats, glasses). We went up on this deck that overlooked the indoor pool. Most of his siblings and their families were in the pool. We started chucking ice at them randomly. After a bit, they were getting pretty pissed at us. They threatened to go get the hotel staff. I think hubby threw a couple more before we gave them a look at our faces. Lots of screaming and laughing.