questionsanyway to find out what coupon codes are active…


Send an email to and they will hook you up with answers.


Or if you archive your email, do a search for "jumbowoot" or similar.


I know I'm going to sound like your mother but, whenever I receive an email from jumbo with a coupon code I always mark it as important and star it (in gmail). I mean anything coming from jumbo should automatically get this treatment but I religiously do it for the emails with the codes.
I know what you are feeling. I thought I lost a code last time around and I spent a good bit of time searching.... I happily found it and placed my order for some random shirts.
Best of luck with the code.


Whenever I get an email from Jumbowoot I give a little moan, and my hands start shaking a bit. I then drag that email to a folder that's marked "more important than emails from my Mom" and I save it for a rainy day.


I went ahead and sent a query to Much to my surprise, especially with a Woot-off running on multiple sites, they very quickly responded and gave me both coupon codes for my account, also verifying the value of each coupon.

I have these printed out and sitting taped to the side of my computer monitor, so I can use them during the Woot-off.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.


I also just got an email from an Account Manager at deals.woot, with a list of the coupons. So I sent him a thank you note back for the help. Maybe someday Woot will do an update to our Account Information page and list any active coupons somewhere there.


Get gmail and stop deleting your mail or, you know, the email thing.


So you mean there are coupons? Dang this jumbo person, how do i get noticed in the back with my hand waving high??


So yeah... how do you even GET a coupon in the first place?