questionswhere are tablets on sale for black friday?


You might want to look at a kindle fire.


@xoom999: Thanks for the tip, but between the Kindle Fire and the Nook Color I'd rather the latter since it takes a microSD card. But both are 7", and while they can be hacked to Android 2.2, it's my understanding that since they're technically e-readers, that neither will get Honeycomb or ICS.


I've heard HTC is launching a ChromeOS tablet on Black Friday. Not sure what exactly you're looking for in a tab but for me i like the idea of something closer to a computer OS in the form and with the touchscreen of a tablet. Can't find a ton of details yet.


Don't mind me. I'm just over here laughing over someone with "xoom" in his username recommending a Kindle Fire.


This is amazing! HSN has the 16gb Toshiba Thrive for $329 this weekend. Their warranty isn't a bad price either (3yrs $39 vs. 2yrs $55 w/Square Trade). Pulled the trigger - yay!


@apocello42: Appreciate the tip - went with the Toshiba Thrive. I can load all my Google and Amazon apps on it, it has a replaceable battery, and I love all the ports.


Staples is having the Iconia Tab A500 for $300 and the Toshiba Thrive for $350. Best Buy is going to have the Dell Streak on sale on the 24th on their website, they haven't said the price yet, but I'm sure they'll be other tablets.


@maddenman2000: Thanks - checked out the Staples ad at They're selling the 16gb Toshiba Thrive for $350 on Black Friday, so the deal I got at for $330 is still a bit better - and available now through Sunday.


I am really looking for one too. I am moving to Japan at the end of the month and was hoping to get one before I leave but I haven't seen any good deals yet. Both my hp touchpad orders got canceled and I am not about to pay over $200 for a touchpad when I can get an Acer Iconia with a USB port, mini hdmi, and a micro SD slot that can add 32 GB of storage for $100 more.


Here are some Black Friday sales on Tablets that I found posted on

Best Buy:
7" Acer Iconia 8gb, $189.99 (reg $329.99)
10.1" Toshiba Thrive 8gb, $279.99 (reg $379.99)
10.1" Asus Transformer 16gb, $249.99 (reg $399.99) **Smokin' deal!

10" Archos 8gb, $199.99 (reg $269.99)

10.1" Acer Iconia 16gb, $299 (reg $399) *Hot deal!
10.1" Toshiba Thrive 16gb, $349.98 (reg $399.98) Better deal thru 11/13/11 @

Happy shopping!


Try checking out KIZTEK's new E-Journeyman tablet PC. They are running a $289.99 holiday special now through Nov 20th. You get the 10" tablet pc, Leather case and Keyboard, Stylus, 8GB SD memory card, and free shipping all for that price. I have personally seen the tablet and all I can say is that is is amazing. Its extremely responsive, has awesome graphics processing, and handles 3D games extremely well. Great for many other things as well. I love the unit myself. You can check it out for yourself at


Got the Thrive for 299.99 from Buy Dig.