questionsgeorge r.r. martin or j.r.r. tolkien?


Tolkien, although I think the styles are different enough that they can qualify as relative bests. I wouldn't think twice about kids reading Tolkien, but Martin is dark.


Tolkien if you're talking the main stories. The problem with Martin is the ever expanding books where much of the book could probably be edited down. George R.R. Martin seems to be moving towards a more Silmarillion style with the way he's getting so long winded.


George R.R. Martin. The stories just feel more adult to me.


I wouldn't choose either of those for the best fantasy author...I would go more for someone like Brandon Sanderson


Elric is my all time favorite fantasy series, so Moorcock is in the running for me. I was never able to slog through Tolkein, he had some fantastic stories to tell but he was way too meandering and wordy for me. I liked Martin for many years before the Game of Thrones mini-series threw him into the limelight. He lives in this corner of the world and used to attend local sci-fi conventions. But while I enjoy his writing, I don't connect well enough with his characters for him to be my favorite. But if you want to know who is the best fantasy writer with RR in the middle of their name, I would go with Martin. If you ask who's the best fantasy storyteller, I'd go with Tolkein.


My personal choice between the two of them is Martin. I have tried to read Tolkein, but for some reason I have a hard time getting drawn into his books. I plowed through the Song of Ice and Fire series without a break between books. So far, I have enjoyed them immensely!


I would also say that neither is the best fantasy author, nor would I say that the one is better than the other. They are both very good authors. Hell, I don't think I even have a favorite. Of course that's not to say that there aren't others that I don't prefer. An example of that would be authors like Stephen R. Donaldson. His books are very formulaic. With him, I recommend reading any one of his trilogies, then don't bother with anything else. (I've read 2 of his trilogies and gave up after starting the 3rd.)


Between Martin or Tolkien, I'd have to say... R. A. Salvatore. Seriously, The Hobbit was good, but the following three books were slow. Game of Thrones was okay but... Spoiler Alert: it's like a Shakespearean tragedy, everybody dies. Just not my cup of tea. Robert Jordan? I can't say I'm terribly sad that he's gone - quit writing about the fringe on the rug and get on with the story. Terry Goodkind is another favorite of mine.


Tolkien is PG, Martin in R. Impossible to compare. I'd compare Martin to Robert Jordan, never Tolkien. Tolkien is definitely best for the greatest number of readers of all ages.