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2nd: Well I'm sometimes that A-Hole holding up the line writing a check. I'm old school and do not have a debit card. But I've never heard of getting a discount for writing a check. So either it does not exist, or they never told me :(


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The cashier seemed like he knew what he was talking about, so it is either a brand new thing or I am a poor judge of cashier intelligence...


target cashiers are not exactly well-known for their extensive training on company policies. I doubt this is true, unless it's some brand new policy.


I just called two of our Targets, and they both said that the discount only applies to the cards, not physical checks. Maybe it's just on slow roll-out? Or the cashier was just bored and wanted to amuse himself?


@eijisama: You called two Targets to ask about this? That is dedication to the Woot community. Kudos to you!


@eijisama: i'll second @wnyx585am on kudos for calling. that is definite dedication! and i just gotta wonder if some stores do things others don't. (worked at walmart long enough to know the "north store" did things the "east store" wouldn't)


@wnyx585am and @moosezilla: once something piques my curiosity, I tend to research it.

@moosezilla: tell me about it. The wal-mart thirty minutes from ours has several clearance sections, and ours just recently started setting up extra clearance to clear out old stock. It's amazing what different managers will to do in the same chain of stores.


I'm of the opinion that everyone using cash or a paper check to make a purchase should ask the merchant for a discount, since you're saving the merchant from having to pay the interchange fee (on a credit card or debit card used on the credit side) or the swipe fee (about $.19 on a true debit transaction). Ask for at least 2.5%! The worst that can happen is they look at you like you're crazy; the best that can happen is that enough people are beginning to do this that merchants may see a way to set themselves apart from the crowd.


I know that it is illegal to charge extra for using plastic, but is it legal to charge less if you don't? You would still be making the plastic user pay a higher price.


@jsimsace: it is not illegal to charge more for credit & debit transactions, and never was. The merchants had to abide by the terms of VISA/MC/Amex/Discover which all disallowed charging a higher fee/rate/price for plastic. The recent federal law banned that rule so now merchants can charge more for credit transactions.

I am not sure if this was banned by the recent law, but Visa and MC also ban "minimum transactions", where the merchant would require a minimum total amount to accept a credit card. Visa and MC also banned merchants from asking for ID when accepting Visa/MC, but many stores ignored this rule. Merchants violating the card company agreements run the risk of no longer being able to accept that credit card, which in most cases would severely damage their bottom line.


@kamikazeken: Pardon my ignorance, I suppose. I didn't realize that I can post a sign in our business that says "All credit/debit card purchases are subject to a 3% surcharge.". Thanks for the info!


@jsimsace: it's great for the consumer, using real cash is almost always a better idea if you want to control your spending. a bunch of studies have shown that when people are using plastic, they typically spend more at the store.