questionsdid anyone notice the user spamming the comments?


Looks like it was cleaned up.


Tattle on the comments and then sit back and wait for the mods to work their magic. We try not to feed the trolls by bringing more attention to them by commenting about their comments.


@jsimsace: Yes, very annoying. I started to report them but I'm not to go to every single deal to report every single post this creep made.
Maybe others could take a few minutes to report some of them too?


@eviloverlord333: Good to know! I was unable to find anything on the subject in the FAQ, so I asked here. Thanks for letting me know that the mods are on it.


But please don't spam the mods either! The best way to tattle on a spammer is to click on their name, then on commented. The end result is this list:

That is really all that is needed!


@questionsanswered: Now that is excellent information to have. Thank you!

I will do exactly that if I run across a similar issue in future.