questionshas anyone tried rocksmith?


The game comes with a cable. Unless it's some sort of open box/used title that they took the cable out of. You can find it for around 50 (sometimes less) if you look around. I play it and it's great. Lots of fun. Skill level ranges from utter noob to guitar god so it's hard to get bored with it. One of the best games I have if you take into consideration the amount of times you can play it. Load times on xbox360 are a bit of a pain sometimes though. Also, tuning all the time is a bit repetitive. Yes, I just tuned it five minutes ago. It's still tuned. Thanks though.


I have it, and love it. I consider myself an intermediate/advanced player. You are actually more of the target market for the game. Pure beginners are going to have trouble with it if they don't have some external instruction, as there isn't really any instruction beyond very basic description. You'll be able to use it an learn new songs pretty quickly. It has a significant amount of easier songs to play and some more difficult ones, but they very difficult ones are in the DLC. I've boughten a lot of DLC. They have stuff like Rush, Megadeth, A7x if you are looking for a challege, but also have easier DLC as well (Blink 182, Pearl Jam).

Anyway, you would probably like it if you play guitar. And yes, you do need the cable to play. About the price difference, there is a guitar only version, and there is a guitar and bass version (which i would imagine includes a download code for the bass addon). If you don't own a bass, you can still play the bass parts on a 6 string.


@rockytrh: oooh. So the difference between the two versions isn't inclusion of a cable, but rather one being just guitar and the other being guitar and bass?

I guess that makes sense. I can do a little with the bass, but this would be a good way to get some direction on the instrument. Thanks for the distinction!


FYI, anybody can sell on amazon, so make sure the cable is included if you are buying a used version.


@thedogma: You can also buy the bass expansion as DLC later, though I don't know if there are any functional differences.


Great question, I was going to ask.
I have never played a guitar and I got Rock Smith for the PC.
My PC is under powered 2 core with a Radeon 3450 but it does work, most of the time (%95), when it fails the video will stop (my fault for not having a better vid card).

I was such a noob,I could not get the red 3 when I first started.
A few weeks later I am now struggling with finding a cord (Pixies) and then going back to the note. Some of the higher notes are hard to hit because the first 10? songs were all on the red and yellow strings.
Anyway I figure all the time I spent with FPS games would have better spent playing this game.
I found my fingers are under powered and have been squeezing a tennis ball for powerful fingers.


The bad thing is as you are playing your level changes. The bad, you have finally figured out a riff and suddenly it ads more notes, I mess up the riff by playing the new notes poorly, then it drops back and I do the part I masted until the notes show up again. Not to mention it freaked me out when I saw my first double stop (I figured it was a cord). Then when my first cord showed up that freaked me out too. A technique I found is pausing the game and practicing the new note, double stop, cord is the best way for me. The good thing is it does not get boring.

I am not sure what version I got because it was a gift, I can select bass and it uses 4 strings on the guitar.

**edit I just looked at this on Friday and it was 49.xx on Amazon for the PC version that did guitar and bass with cable.


First...I am NOT a musician.
I bought this last Christmas for one of my son's (16) who requested it. He is medium / advanced. Plays accoustic (Ibanez), Electric (Sheckter?), Sax (school band), drums (Old Pearl set)....which he has played and taken lessons for years (@10 years)...

He played it for a month and hasn't played it since...the 17 year old picked it up (he only plays guitar and bass) and he played it for a month...when I asked they both said "MEH"....but...these are 16 and 17 year olds with the attention span of a mayfly. If the game doesn't have headshots and quick scopes they usually don't play it. Though we (me included) played all the Guitar Hero's and finished them...



There are two versions of Rocksmith, the original, which was just guitar, and the updated guitar + bass version. Both should come with the cable, if you're buying new. There was no version released that did not come with the cable.


Since I've never been Rocked Out, I've never had to use a RockSmith.

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@djp519: How do you download the cable in the download only? (sorry could not help myself)


@caffeine_dude: I wasn't aware the full game was available as a download, I thought only the bass expansion pack was available as DLC. Huh. Good question.


I figured out the video failure for the game play. Like I said I have a PC that is under powered, a 2 core intel with a Radeon 3450 but it does work, most of the time (%95), when it fails the video will stop (my fault for not having a better vid card).
It was the video card, but it is because it gets overheated. I have the sapphire 3450 with no fan (just a big heat sink) When I added a fan pointing at the heat sync the game does not fail. (My card is overclocked to 600mhz (from 300mhz) and the memory oc to 530 (from 500).
And no I am not bragging.