questionswhat are the steps to list my product with you…


Are you looking to list on deals.woot or on the Woot home page?

If you want to be a Woot affiliate, I'd email woot. I browsed through the FAQ because I thought I remembered something for suppliers being there, but I can't find it. I'd guess try emailing Probably the wrong address (sorry, Woot employees!), but if so, they should forward you to the correct address.

If you already have a site set up and want to sell through your site and not through Woot, just post it. There's a nice "Add a deal" button on deals.woot, or you can bookmark the "woot this deal" button, and click it when you're on your product page.

If you want to be a sponsored deal, you'll have to contact Woot anyway.

EDIT: if you want to be a sponsored deal on deals.woot, email Likely this address will allow you to figure out how to end up as a main woot, if possible as well.


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If you just want to be a part of the community, posting deals as, or whatever your website may be, create an account that has your site as your username. For instance, 's username is dailysteals. I think.

Really, if you can be more specific with what you mean in regards to "listing your product" we can give you a much better answer. I'm really just hitting all the basics right now.


@thedogma has covered it well. You might also check the Unofficial Official Deals.Woot Rules and FAQs for answers. Good luck!