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My favourite part was reading about his performance reviews:
"His code was clean, well written, and submitted in a timely fashion," Valentine said. "Quarter after quarter, his performance review noted him as the best developer in the building."

I just hope that when they let this guy go, they hired his subcontractor instead, and paid him a proper wage!



Thank you for telling of such good story. I have laughs. I share now.

Thunder_outsourced_bot posts while ThunderThighs watches cat videos


Pure Genius......No.......Super Genius


That is awesome. Totally brilliant to have outsourced your work to China and still come to work and use their bandwidth to watch cat videos and Ebay stuff.


If I was his employer I wouldn't even be mad, I'd give him a raise and send him straight to upper management.


@mkentosh: The way I see it he would have been Pure Super Genius if he worked from home.
How many people do this and do not get caught?
This is the 2nd time I have seen such a thing.
I wonder if he checked over the quality of the work...


If only he wasn't VPNing around, no one ever would have known...

It was a good laugh though. 2 hours of watching cat videos everyday sounds pretty epic.


Hopefully he had the Chinese dude sign some sort of non-disclosure agreement or something...


I saw this the other day. Absolutely hilarious. I mean in one way, he's just telling the company how useless he is, in another he found a perfect set up.

...At least until he got caught.


I don't think people realize how much work this guy actually did. This guys had to:

1. Project manage
2. Define the requirements of the project
3. Make sure the deadlines were met
4. Code review (unless he was dumb, but no way he wasn't looking)
5. Make sure the requirements of the project were met to his standards
6. Write a report to management about the updates
7. Attend meetings about the project and be knowledgeable about it
8. Manage a cross functional team internationally
9. Write documents detailing the design features

The list goes on. So he may not have been doing the day to day, but I doubt the guy was slacking off. It said he was doing this across multiple companies. How the hell do you sit and watch cat videos all day if you have this going? He was basically running his own tech outsourcing firm by himself which is still pretty difficult.


Did any of you catch that he was doing this in parallel with a few other companies? They were looking into it further. So he may have had three jobs at once.


My favorite comment on the article was this one:

"Sooo… where’s the problem? He improved his personal profit and the quality and efficiency of his work, obviously. And all that by using standard business practices – get money to do the job, then pay someone else less to actually do it.
This guy is an american hero and deserves a medal. I’d even go so far to call him a modern times Tom Sawyer, but since the chinese didn’t pay HIM to do his work, that’s just a little bit too far off."

A medal hmmmm


The only thing that proves he wasn't a total genius was the fact that there is no Woot time on that schedule.


Fun topic but in reality:
The real problem with this is security. The guy almost certainly violated his not disclosure agreement by doing this. Not to mention he gave very low security access to his companies servers and security clearances to people that can not be processed by the law.