questionshave you or will you participate in a "project…


Life passes so quickly and it's easy to take a day for granted; I think it would be amazing to have a record at the end of the year of each day.


I do the 'picture a day' every month, where you get a list and for every day you take a picture of the topic for that day. I usually just take it with my phone & upload it to Facebook.

This year I really want to take a picture in the same spot everyday, then make a video of it at the end of the year. I'd really like to see how I change in a year, and I'd like to do it outside so I can see the seasons change too.


@kmashaney: That's a neat idea but consider the NTSC standard is 29.97 frames per second so a year's worth of pictures would create a video lasting about 12 seconds. If you want it to last longer, you may have to duplicate some of your frames.


I'll eat chocolate everyday! I guess i'll read a book too.


@cengland0: 12 seconds would be just enough time to watch a video of myself before I felt uncomfortable.

Anyway, I plan on using a rebellious computer program that doesn't have to follow NTSC standard.


I'd like to do a picture a day, but I tend to forget.


I feed our dog every day. Twice. Does that count?


It's a great theory to take a picture/read/do a certain something but requires a lot of dedication! It's always impressive to me when someone sticks to it.