questionswhere did you go deals.woot?


don't thank me so quickly YO. The site was down again, and then up again, and then down again. But now it's up again.
Lemme know if you incur any further issues ;)


@rogetray: The login is a bit funky from the deals.woot end, I think. I tried logging in and instead of getting that popup login, it tried to go to the standalone login page, yet wouldn't load.

I was able to log in from the main Woot site though.


@rogetray: When I refresh the ATC tab I lose/recover the last two questions, including this one.


@jsimsace @thedogma
Hmmmm....what web browsers are you guys using? (Firefox, Safari, Chrome..etc?). I'd recommend that you try another browser and see if you experience the same issues.
If you're still incurring further issues, please post here again and I can place a ticket.


@rogetray: Normally use Chrome but I also tried IE. The fresh tab is a little wonky too.....refreshing brings up deals from 3 hours ago as the top ones, then a new refresh or two will bring it back to current.

EDIT: Seems back to normal now.


@rogetray: I have multiple browsers, and multiple machines. It's laggy and craptastic on all of them. I just now thought to check on it, and it is not a browser issue, nor an operating system issue.

Other than that, same old same old.


@rogetray: Saw this question earlier, but I hadn't been online enough today to have had a problem. Just refreshed ATC and the nine most recent questions disappeared (checked my RSS feed to get the count).

Browser is Chromium.

Edit: Just refreshed again and all the questions are back in place.


@rogetray: And they're gone again.

I've been refreshing for a couple minutes, but so far they haven't come back. I know the questions are still there because I can get to them from my RSS feed.

One last refresh....and they're back again!


@Rogetray @jumbowoot @inkycatz @pemberducky @Thunderthighs @agingdragqueen @slydon @gatzby@wootfast : Whats up with deals.woot today? I posted the previous question when stuff started to go wrong then it got better, now i can't get to deals but nothing works. Questions, deals fresh nothing updates. I am using IE 8.0.6001 at work. is it just me?

@jsimsace @shrdlu @gionot @thedogma keeping you in the loop with this b/c it might not be easy for you to get to.


@philosopherott: Yeah? Watch this, kiddo.

On the vague possibility that it really hasn't reached the folks who can shake things out, and do the magic repairs...

@shawnmiller @josefresno @mattschuette

(man, I can't believe I remembered how to spell matt's name)

[Edit: currently, my Firefox on Windows 7 is seeing the most issues, but all browsers/operating systems are witnessing problems.]


We have a ticket in to the developers, who should be in office soon, if they aren't already hard at work on the problem. It seems to only crop up on certain refreshes, so it may take a little more effort to track down. Please let us know if you see any pattern or new issues!


@shrdlu: You think it's hard to spell? At least you don't have to hear literally every single person you don't know mispronounce it. And it's been Anglicized over the years as Americans are all scared of funny letters and foreign pronunciations, so all German speakers say it differently than you learned.

Also, it looks like this issue is being worked on. The mods are probably the best at-mentions to invoke because they are up and watching at all times and can create tickets that will wake people up if need be.


@mattschuette: Aw, have a hug.

Out of curiosity, when I see your last name, I pronounce it as two syllables (Shoo Tee). Am I even close?

Also, thanks for the response.


Why am I shaking uncontrollably? Where is my deals.woot? Ahhhhh!!


had a ton of issues earlier, but seems to be back now after the downtime.

HOWEVER: My answers to questions from the last 24-48 hours have disappeared completely.


..... aaaanndd they're back.... Guess you guys just needed a bit more time.


and they contiune to have Gremlins in teh machinery...