questionsis scam or not a scam? also booking…


Oh also if anyone knows how gets away without having to convert the dollar to euro I'd love to hear it. Because it bothers me that the travel agent does but they don't.


I have booked over 20 nights with and haven't had a problem earning my rewards or cashing in on them. I do a lot of homework when travelling and almost all the time the hotels i book have been the same price or cheaper from

The one time i had a problem earning a reward night they fixed it within 24 hours. I've been pleased with

All my bookings have been domestic though.


@cowboydann: Thanks for the reply. Least I know someone has had good dealings with them. Lol.

I'm sure all will be fine. Unless someone sheds some bad light on them one way or another. I guess I'll give them a try and worst comes the worst I can leave it as a review on here for future travelers. ^^


I use for almost all my hotel arrangements and have never had a problem with them. I think they are able to get great deals because it's a good resource for hotels to get worldwide access to customers, but it's also a very competitive environment. Once I have picked out a hotel I sometimes call the hotel directly (google for them by name and address) with questions about public transportation in the area and that sort of thing, and double check the rate if I booked direct. Only once has booking directly with the hotel turned out to be lower than the online rate. The online rate is usually much lower. The contacts I have had with customer service have all been helpful as well.


We have used them and they have worked out as well as Priceline. The only aggregator we have had trouble with is Expedia.

Have you tried contacting the hotel directly to check rates? Is it better to pay in USD or Euros?

Have not used this site yet, so cannot vouch for them. But they are in many countries and a quick search looks promising for an upcoming overnight trip we have planned, so I might give them a try.


I've heard of other people seeing a rate at then calling the actual hotel and getting a better rate simply because the hotel doesn't need to give a finders fee.


Maybe I'm out of touch, but I didn't know people used travel agents anymore. BTW, if you liked how cheap is, try their partner . The downside with hotwire is you don't know the exact hotel (just the district, cost, amenities, and quality (star rating, user satisfaction scores)) before you're committed to booking. It can work out well, as it is a legitimate platform for hotels to clear out their excess room booking inventory, as it were. By that same token, however, it is most effective for use relatively close to your stay, so it's best for last-minute get-away type things.

Oh, as for the money conversion, it's probably a matter of where the actual billing is occurring. If processes your payment themselves (as hotwire does) then it'd stay USD and they'd handle the payment to the hotel on the backend. Either way, credit cards will generally give a VERY good exchange rate themselves compared to other methods.


@psaux: lol I don't think anyone does but old farts and me XD

I wouldn't use them at all if they the one I use (a travel leaders branch) didn't always match and then beat the price of any airplane ticket I find. From cheap tickets or anywhere. Usually they don't beat it by much but hey $50 is $50.

Hrm. I might have to give hotwire sometime. But for now I'd like to pick my room. So I'll stick with and give them a shot. Thanks everyone for your comments! ^^


the upside to using a travel agent is when you get one that knows the specific region or specific type of travel (Like a cruise expert) you plan on doing. If you've never been on a cruise, then a cruise expert can make your trip much smoother and more enjoyable.

As for, they're legit.


I used for a five night stay in St. Thomas a few years back with no problems.

A hotel I'm aware of outside of Binghamton NY uses but after your first stay tells you to contact him directly next time for the same or even better pricing.


I live in Germany and use to make all of my reservations for traveling around the continent. I've never had an issue with rooms not being there or not being well-priced. One thing to keep in mind is the star rating system over here was obviously approved by some sort of council that was completely hopped up on LSD and toilet wine. Motel 6 would be between 3 and 4 stars here. Maybe more depending on the particular establishment. I never book a hotel any more unless it has a serious positive rating from travelers and don't use the star system as a reference. The people that get on the site and complain about the hotel? I used to think they were the cranks but the more places I stayed in I realized they were the ones telling the truth for the most part.


A little late to the party here, but just want to let you know I'm another one who has used in the past and have never had a problem. They are legit.


The key reason places like can offer better pricing than the hotel or travel agent is volume and profit splitting. Many times hotels are willing to cut the price to a "wholesaler" because they know that can bring them volume, so they're willing to discount the rates.

Other times sites will collect commission for aiding in booking rooms and apply part of the commission they earn towards the price of your room, thus reducing the cost


I've used more times than I can count. Never a single hiccup. I also like for hotels. Sometimes certain hotels only appear on one site or the other, so it's worth a look. Also the prices are often different by a couple bucks, so again, take a look. Lastly, just as I'm sure you've seen on TV, you can "name your own price and save." You select an area of the city you want to stay in from a map (very well laid out, you'll see). Then select the star level of the hotel you want. Place your bid and see if any hotels accept it. You must enter your credit card info before your bid is submitted (There's no takesies backsies lol). You're guaranteed to be within the region you select and the hotel rating to be at that star level or above. I've done this 3-4 times and have been thrilled. Got some KILLER deals this way.


Thanks for all the replies. I really don't see how everyone on google has had problems with went smoothly for me. Though one thing did slightly bother me.

When I came in I said Hallo i'd like to check in and the lady said you can try. Which I found odd. But guess that's not really hotels.coms fault lol. Anywho off for a day in the city. Have fun all! ^^


It has a lot of scam-like characteristics. I clicked on a link of my phone to call the Lake City, FL Jameson Inn but was connected to I shared our room requirements, and the operator pushed the Days Inn instead, which was horrible. The reception worker was very rude. He said had no right to book us there and made us wait 20 minutes while he made three phone calls. When we finally got to the room, there was a giant pile of dog poo by one of the beds. They moved us but didn’t ever clean up the dog poo while we were there. We left at the crack of dawn the next morning. We would have left sooner if we weren't locked into the room because we'd booked through My best friend subsequently told me booked his family in the nastiest room (in another hotel) they’d ever stayed. Either their data is off or something else is very wrong with I’m also concerned that the site intentionally selects only certain reviews to mislead consumers.


@travelingchief: Wow. That's a really really odd experience with them. Mine went smoothly and easily. I got the room I wanted at the hotel I wanted. Never tried to push anything else and was quite friendly and helpful. They called my hotel in Germany to double check my room was booked when I called before leaving for Germany.

I think you just got a bad person at the front desk of the hotel. I mean honestly how could they not have a right to book it. Heck even one of my local travel agency told me they use them! Meh I'll use every time I go some where now. It was easy got to see the rooms via pictures there and on TripAdvisor and got to save money with a certain rebate check place that rhymes with bates.


@madcustomer12345: Nice of you to make an account just to post that. I'm shocked by your experiences with them. I'm kinda surprised the hotel office was closed. How did that happen? I've always seen someone on duty at every hotel I've been to. So what was their mistake exactly? I'm just curious.

Also as I stated before. They worked brilliantly for me when I used them last summer in Germany. Never had a problem for the entire month or so I was there. Stayed at 3 different hotels using their services. Check in was easy and very simple. Just showed them the reservation confirmation page that sent me.

When was your experience with them. Perhaps this was a long time ago and they had different owners/managers/whatever?


@surreal197: Why do people like this guy do this? Seriously we know your full of it. Please don't do things like this. It hurts people who might come here in the future to read advice. If your from another travel company don't sling mud. Just say hey use ours its better! We offer X Y and Z service and here's a 5% off coupon code! or something. Much better than mud lining.

vote-for0vote-against is a total ripoff. They told me the room rate was $100 more than it actually was. Avoid them at all costs. Or use their search engine, but book with the hotel directly.


The worst thing that could happen to you which is they take your money but when u arrive they deny room! Yep, I used for my trip to Istanbul. We booked two hotels, one in Sultanahmet (Letage Hotel) and another in Taksim Square (Elma Ottoman Hotel).We received 2 emails from, one immediate and another a day before check-in with text "Thanks for using, your booking is confirmed! You don't need to call to reconfirm." The payments were also debited from my card. What happened, there was no hotel named Letage but it was named Meridiani. We found the place by picture. The receptionist complained of a burst water pipes and shuttled us to a nearby "sister" hotel which was smaller and no breakfast as advertised. At second hotel, we were denied any room and sent away with refund on a saturday night. I do not want to explain how it felt but you can figure that out. Nevertheless, this is exactly how it all happened.


They basically scammed me. It goes like this...

Booked a couple rooms. I cancelled the rooms within the allowed time period and received confirmation from The Hotel still charged me for one room (over $600). admits fault but can't refund money since the hotel has it. Hotel won't refund money since we didn't cancel with them (we cancelled with Hotel also admits that they would only accept cancellation through Bottom line, admits fault but doesn't do anything about it.


I am sure about where the good comments came from! I can tell you that my experience with has been a complete nightmare


I know for sure does not publish negative reviews. I have booked an expensive room based on stellar reviews - it turned out to be a nightmare - I would not pay for it 10 USD. Upon my return I have written a review - which said exactly what happened. They have never published it. The review was phrased in a civilised manner so no reason not to publish it basing on the wording.


After booking a hotel, I clicked the link for car rentals. A few hours later I found a better price. Went back to to cancel. No link to be found so I used the online chat. Customer rep said he could not handle it and I would have to call The agent said cannot cancel the booking and transferred me to the rental agency. They transferred me to Hertz, not Europcar. I contacted Europcar directly and was assured the booking had been canceled.
A week before the booking was supposed to take place, I received an e-mail from CarTrawler's e-mail 'reminded' me of my booking and my charge card was now been billed. I sent CarTrawler an e-mail describing what happened. After charging my credit card they said they were sorry to hear I didn't want the reservation but since it was less than 48 hours before my car rental pick up, I was not entitled to any refund (I received that e-mail 72 hours before the booking date). Now I have to dispute the charge.


I was screwed by this week. I went to Vegas for a trade show and when I needed an extra day, I went to my trusty app. I then was looking around and noticed I had the wrong date (which I immediately changed) .... I then was checking out hotels for price and apparently, when I hit "Go Back" to the main menu, I went to the wrong dates. I then proceeded to book Caesars Palace at 260 bucks. Then they sent a notification of the arrangements, I said "OH NO!"

I spent the next hour trying to get in touch with someone while my wife called Caesars Palace, (they told her to call They then put a really nice guy but his accent was so thick I could barely understand him. He assured me that his boss would get me refunded, so I booked another night with my app.

I get an email the next day that tells me to screw....Basically, I have no standing and I should have been smarter.

I've deleted my app. STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS!! They love to F people over


@garyinhudsonnh: @jaynyc: You guys need to be more aggressive. I don't know the words that were said. But, don't take no for an answer ask to speak with a supervisor and ask for the terms and conditions to be sent to you. I'll give a few examples.

1. FYE membership discount. I bought it for one month to get a discount on a ton of movies and junk I was buying over x-mas. I was going to call on Fri to cancel and kind of forgot about it till Mon which was the first day of the new billing cycle and I was already billed. So I called up customer service asked very nicely if they could do a refund for the part of the month I wasn't going to use (99% of it since it was day 1) The guy said no he's sorry but he can't that it was in the T&C that I had to pay for the full month or some other garbage. I said I don't remember seeing that in there but that's fine could you please send me the T&C again so I can review it. Continued....


After that he got his supervisor who said oh ok your refund will be processed in 2- 3 days after I explained what I was asking for again.

Another time I had to cancel a hotel reservation for my ex who was a pushover. Anyway lady told her she couldn't do it since it's against some website policy or some other trash. I call back talk to someone they go on and on with the same drivel turns out their saying it was the hotel policy to not allow cancellation. I said fine please hold. Look up the hotel cancellation policy (so long as its 24 hours before it's fine) I do a conference call and bam refund after they explain to the website people it's fine.

The real issue is these call center people don't know their head from a hole in the ground when it comes to their job. They get paid and get told what to say and do that's all they know. Just be polite, friendly, and firm. If your not satisfied with your level of care escalate it to the boss. Remember be POLITE! Their just doing their job.


All that ^ said. I've had a few issues but nothing that wasn't able to be resolved and it even saved me some money sometimes. But, as others have mentioned countless times. (4242 times yes I counted the one bill posted on myspace) Always shop around. Don't assume that just because its on (or whatever discount site) It's the cheapest place. Even the hotel themselves can be cheaper. Just google/call around and see what you can find you might be surprised who has the cheapest one day and the next somewhere else.

Oh and pro travel tip. I recommend calling the hotel they can usually work a better deal than what the website shows like if your student, AAA, aarp, business rate, even if it's a honeymoon trip they might throw you a gift. I've heard of Disney doing that. And I'll repeat this because it's worth repeating since I know a lot of people get frustrated with call centers. Their people too and can only do what they can. Life is to short to get angry! Less your the Hulk.


Never ever use this website The price they quote is not the price after you pay the original price there is another $39/night fee at the hotel. When I called to clear this up the supervisor was flippant, sarcastic and used every manipulative strategy to avoid having to solve or resolve my issue. BE WARE this company should be shut dawn for Fraud


We tried 3 times. All three times it went very badly.

Several people on here said they liked better than it's sister company,, because you know what hotel you're getting with Well, surprise! you don't! Twice we were 'booked and confirmed' for a hotel, only to arrive at the hotel just to be told "had moved us"!

On the last of those occasions, had postal mailed a letter to the hotel we thought we were booked at in advance of our arrival, instructing them where to send us when we arrived! It was a popular boutique hotel we were looking very forward to as a highlight of our vacation. They had in fact booked us in an unpleasant chain hotel 3 miles away and never let us know. We were told by the hotel we had traveled to Hawaii to stay in that their property had been booked solid for months, including during the time we booked the reservation, and could never have even tried to book us there!


I'll add one more example to my above experience with

On another occasion, we arrived at our booked hotel to find the lobby was locked-up with no one attending the desk. We waited outside in the cold as long as we could, eventually left, and never stayed at the hotel. told us we had to request a refund from the hotel. Of course, what did the hotel say? "You have to request a refund from!" After hours on the phone (their customer service is horrendous), we never got anywhere with either of them, even though the hotel admitted the lobby had been abandoned by the desk clerk during the time we arrived around 7pm.

Wishing we hadn't given them another try of course, and certainly won't again.