questionsbest wireless mouse?


I use a rechargeable one because it tracks a little better - you can even use it on glass. It's the Logitech Performance Mouse MX. I love it, but you have to recharge it every week or so.

When other people ask me, I say the Logitech M310. It's got a nice hand size, and the batteries last over a year. It also goes on sale in the range of $19.99 fairly often between Radio Shack, Best Buy, Walmart, and Newegg.


@omnichad: The nice thing about the Performance Mouse MX is that the charging cord is USB, so you can use it like a wired mouse while it charges.


@omnichad: Thanks for the input, ill check it out!


I have 2 types I like them both.
I love my nano mice.

I have this one
The cool thing about the gearhead is the Scalable DPI it will change your pointer speed with the touch of a button on the mouse. (think normal use, and push the button and now you can use it in a super small area)
and a microsoft one


I am a big fan of the logitech Anywhere MX mouse. Bought one for my laptop a while ago, liked it so much, I bought one for every one of my computers.