questionsam i not worth a +1 anymore? there is no…


a tongue planted firmly in your own cheek is always better than planted between someone else's


It's a glitch. It has happened periodically over the years but never fear, it will be corrected.


IIRC it's log out, log in, expire then repost.


I find it happens about once a reason, just does.

I delete the deal and repost and everything is fine in deals.woot! land.


@jsimsace: @mtmn2

It is not all that important to repost, but thanks for the info. Not many seem to think it is all that good os a deal Only 900 sold on eBay in under 2 hours for a 1/2 price, NEW laptop from the Manufacturer which is now sold out anyway.


That keeps happening to me randomly, too. I haven't bothered reposting the deals, but found it strange. Thanks for posting the question. Glad to know I'm not alone.


@mtm2: lol @ wasting atp to repost simply because you didnt get your own silly upvote. nice care.


@niloc225: About the same time an official official FAQ listing appears.


@pinchecat: Hey, it is what it is. And if the post actually does well the extra vote might make it worth it!