questionsanyone else buy the 42" in vizio last sunday 7/22…


On many tvs the stand/neck are not pre-installed.


If by neck, you mean the stand/base, that is pretty standard. I've bought two Vizio tv's in the past, and on both, I had to connect the tv to the base. That way they can ship the tv in a smaller box. Unless you're trying to say that the base/stand was missing from your package... now that would be a problem!


I have never purchased a flat screen TV that had the neck(stand?) attached. Just because it looks that way in the online photo doesn't necessarily mean that is the way you will receive it. YMMV.


Hi there. If you haven't gotten the answer to your question, you'll probably get more answers from wooters in that product thread:

However, if you think something is missing or wrong with your TV, please email so they can help you.