questionshas anyone else had problems contacting service…


Interesting. Please provide some details. Are you using one of the many free mail solutions (gmail, yahoo, etc)? If so, which one?

I believe that you are a smart guy, and would have checked all the obvious things (such as checking spam folders) before making this post. You've picked a tough day for asking this question, since it's Saturday, and a lot of staff folks won't be around that would normally respond to this right away. I'm hoping that either @thunderthighs or @faughtey is on the weekend duty, and will be able to forward a link to your question to the right folks, just in case there is a problem.

I have received a couple of recent shipments (one of them from wine dot woot) without ever receiving a notification of shipment, including not having it show up on the "my account" link where you'd normally expect it (on the purchase).

Maybe they've changed something significant, and are unaware that it's broken.


@shrdlu: I used Gmail, and of coarse checked my spam folder. I thought Saturday wasn't the best day to post the problem but I figured yesterday might be jumping the gun and holding out till Monday I thought I would forget. Thanks for tagging some of the staff, I always have the problem of not knowing who to tag.

I did receive a tracking number notification the same day for another item.


@jsoko: Thanks for the quick response. If you received notification, that's a different system, but it does show that the problem is probably on woot's end, and not your own. I'm about to send an email (not from my account, but from an address where I can see the interaction more easily), pointing out this question, and I'll respond back with whether there's an automatic response or not.


@shrdlu: Thanks again for your help!


@jsoko: Sorry kiddo. It's just you.

"Your email to Woot Member Services has been received. This is an automated reply.

Your request has been assigned Case # W-1131049-KGPR."

In my email to them, I mentioned that there was no need to reply to me. Hopefully someone will still be checking, and see this question, and respond to you in particular. Gmail is a funny beast. They may have decided that those emails are spam. The mail client I used for that test identified their response as spam, even though it was a direct reply to an email I'd sent.

They're using a microsoft application to respond to the message (and it's pretty ugly to look at in the raw). Spam Assassin gave it four points for spam, due to both the html in the message and the fact that the response headers were actually from synmicro and not woot. I may go back and examine other headers to see if this has always been the case.

Funny if gmail is suddenly touchier. I no longer use gmail, so won't be able to test that out.


@shrdlu: hmm, I've never had a problem before... and I used the write us form too! I'll try submitting another write-us form I guess. Thanks again.

EDIT: Ahh relief an automated email! YAY


Customer Service was having problems with their system earlier in the week and customers were not receiving the email responses. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but please email them again and let them know you did not get a reply.


@thunderthighs: You're always one we can count on! ♥


@thunderthighs: Thanks, TT!

Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone. Yes, we were having some mail issues, but it seems to be resolved now.

@jsoko: I've got your email now and will be responding to it, so if you don't see a response within the next 30 mins-1hr, please let me know via PM or a post here.

@shrdlu: Thanks for the test email as well!


@kkshields: Thank you! I just received your email and truly appreciate all you do for Woot and customers like me!

@thunderthighs: Thank you too! Much appreciation to you as well.


@jsoko: Thanks for letting me know. So glad it's working now!