questionshow stupid do they think we are?


It's funny 4real. One of the most blatant shills I've seen in a while.


Normally I ignore the comments on things I'm not interested in. Thank you very much for providing me this brief interlude in my morning. I'd bet against this vender/site returning any time soon.

What amazed me most was seeing a post from TT warning that they needed to stop, and then seeing another post from the vendor showing that they weren't clear on the concept.

No, it's not all that unusual to have posts like this, but man oh man, these are just exceptional.


Oh, but it works so well over at the Mother Ship! It's not uncommon to see a fairly new product there with a 4.5 star rating, only to discover that all of the 5 star "reviews" are by company shills, with a few scattered 1-3 star ratings by actual customers. Even if all of the shill reviews have a "0 of 27 people found the following review helpful" at the top, Mamazon still counts their ratings in the "star average" for the product. One of my least favorite things about Amazon, and I've been a customer for more than 16 years.

So, yes, it's a bit amusing to see a stellar review of a product at Woot by someone with a white square/white triangle/join date of today - who gushes on, apparently unaware that their shill status is obvious from their profile. But then, I'm easily amused.


No, they're just so stupid that they think that everybody else is. I always love pointing out the obvious shills.

My favorite was @ceolacanth from and calling him out in this deal


@shrdlu: shucks, I seemed to have missed that.


You know what's cool? Grabbing the evidence before mods come to clean up aisle 3.

As it stands, this question is almost completely devoid of context.
In fact, this is pretty close to a "VagueBook" posting.
"Remember that one time, with the thing and those guys? That was funny, wasn't it!"

Not downvoting because it's no biggie, but still

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@j5: Agreed. I hate it when I come late to the party and everyone just says, "Blitz, you had to be there."


@j5: You are 100% right. I'm kicking myself for not thinking to grab a screenshot.

Please, all, accept my apology for my shortsightedness. I'll do better next time. I promise!


Yeah, I feel late to the party, but what did I miss? What was the company?


@thumperchick: I could recreate it for you, kinda, sorta, but I suspect it would get a "wedit" in a heartbeat, probably even beating out the email to you. On the other hand, if you remind me this evening...

Mostly what it was, was a couple of accounts created TODAY, extolling the wondrous benefits and remarkable values of one of the sponsored deals. After it got pointed out (and discussed in this question), and also had a warning comment from TT (note the deliberate lack of invocation, pls), explaining that we (the community) were actually not stupid, and that the shill accounts were not only unwise, but even dangerous, and that IFF the vendor tattled on the shill account comments, showing that they wanted them removed, and that they weren't going to do it again, would the deal be cleaned up.

Since the vendor listened to that wise advice, it's been repaired. Mostly.

Not naming which one, but you'll figure it out.


It would also be instructive to see who voted against this question. I note that some of the very valid comments on that deal have received a couple of downvotes. It's not the vendor account, since that was created today.

Off to real life for a while. Yes, there is a real life, and I have one.


Outstanding. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I got a laugh out of that.