questionswhat's your favorite leftover / recipe?


...Although, I just got done making some baconized baked-beans, and for some reason it seemed like a good idea to cook up a fried egg to go with it. Not sure why.

Anyways, fried eggs + baked beans = pretty good. Not really worth the trouble though, the bacon and bean flavors dominated that poor egg.


When available, I take mashed potatoes, mix some shredded turkey into them, little shredded cheese, sprinkle some Cajun seasoning over it, and then make a pancake out of it... butter up a non-stick pan, drop a dollop of the "batter" into it when the pan is hot, wait for it to crisp up on the bottom, then flip it over and cook the other side.

The Turkey Sandwich isn't bad either, but that's easy... I mean unless you want to do it right. slice/shred the turkey up, sprinkle garlic pepper on it, mix a touch of salt in, crack a few eggs into the mess, mix together, drop in a pan, and make a seasoned turkey egg thing. butter fry some buns/bread, throw that on there with a slice of cheese, and you're set. the "One Egg Wonder" pan is awesome for making this into a sandwich sized puck...


@shrdlu: Ouch.

Too bad you can't expire questions lol...I'd like to put this thread out of it's misery.

But in my defense, that question was phrased really oddly heh


Always seem to have leftover pumpkin puree, turkey and gravy, so I turn it into a nice pasta sauce by adding a bit of half & half, garlic, nutmeg, minced fresh sage, and grated parmesan cheese.

@shrdlu: If it fell off the fresh page or didn't make it to popular today, I totally missed it. My house has been in an uproar since Saturday, but at least I managed to finish painting the master bedroom, get the furniture for it delivered Wednesday night, and pull off a semi-decent interpretation of a Thanksgiving dinner. But just barely ;)


@lavikinga: I dislike turkey. I am glad not to participate in any family get togethers, since the other choice is ham, which I also do not like. I'm planning on capon for Sunday dinner, and still haven't decided yet whether to stuff it or not (but if I do, it might be plum stuffing, rather than anything bread-like).

Your pasta sauce sounds quite tasty, and I'm sure it's light in calories as well. Questions are being asked so fast and furious (most of them pointless crap that would have been summarily deleted in the early days) that anything asked more than 12 hours ago has vanished.

@drchops: Don't be silly. It really was meant as a gentle reminder. There's so much crap that gets posted (on both sides, and I'm not sure which is worse). There were some good comments on the first question, and I thought it was funny to point it out (there's a constant rush of boring crap; at least yours had some point to it).


@shrdlu: My youngest dislikes turkey (and for the most part, ham as well). She asked if I would mind her eating leftover pizza while enjoying everything else yesterday and I think was pleasantly taken aback when I had no problems with her request. Thanksgiving is a time of celebration & thanks, so why not favorites?


@waltertangofoxtrot: Yes. My turkey sandwiches are made right :D. I'm partial to sauces, so that's always a big part of my sammich if available. Mayo, miracle whip, gravy + more depending on what's still available. Mayo and miracle whip can actually coexist on the same sandwich if you use the right proportions (small proportions). And of course potatoes. The rest depends on what food is left.

The pancake is genius. I was trying to decide on how to go about making something like that - that sounds like the way I'll go :D.


Turkey shepard's pie. Stuffing, turkey, and gravy covered by mashed potatoes and baked at 400F for 30-45 min. Yum.


I love the leftover soup.

Turkey stock form the bones.
Diced turkey into the broth.
Some gravy to thicken it.
Some left over veggies, like broccoli, cauliflower, peas, carrots, mushrooms and garlic.
Add some noodles.

Serve with some reheated rolls or dressing.