questionsdid we get what we wanted?


I've seen a lot of "singles".. I'm all for more random. Random is what I signed up for and I think random is what a lot of people are here for.

Especially with the shipping combined, I'm infinitely more likely to buy nick-knacky crap..

Too bad they didn't have a $5 all-you-can-ship all Wootoff long :)


it has improved a bit this time around. no complaints from me.
definitely not the worst woot-off ever.


I've not purchased anything. Doesn't matter to me how "random" things are, if there's nothing I am willing to part with money for.


no, not really, I ordered the glowsticks for stocking stuffers and I got a message that said I was on the "waiting" list, but they still showed that some were in stock.....very confusing