questionswhy does your site take me to amazon for the sameā€¦


First, this site doesn't sell anything -- it's a group of deals that users have found on other sites and posted here for those who are interested. The deal you're asking about was on, which is why clicking on it took you to amazon.

Second, did you notice the DATE of the you were looking at? It was two years ago! In other words, that deal is long dead. Many old deals will have a little tombstone next to them with a raven on top and RIP written across the front to show you it's dead. Some old deals do not, so it's important to note the DATE the deal was first posted.


It amazes me that they can be so confounded by the whole process here, yet they can find a deal from two years ago!


I hate to be the one to tell you, but Amazon owns Woot. They have this special guerrilla submarket in which they use this site to advertise amazing products at a fraction of the cost. Luring in unsuspecting, innocent, and prodigious consumers, much like yourself (look in the mirror--you'll agree) and by having clicked on the link and purchased said good(s) for a now increased price you became the number one financer of Nigerian Price Kal'abah. Great job!

(He'll be sending an e-mail soon enough explaining how you get your share of his wealth. I'd recommend having him pay in Palladium. Much safer precious metal than silly gold. I mean, who cares about golden falcons?)


Might have to cut the newbie some slack: I just did a quick Google search with his item description (which he may have done) and the 5th search result down gave me the link (albeit 2 yrs ago) that he probably followed. Must have been the lowest price he saw and he decided to try and get it for that price.


@dealseekerdude: Um, I think that's pretty much what I said initially.


@magic cave: Yea... kinda, sort-of, I suppose. I thought you were inferring he found the link here on Deals.woot whereas I assumed he had a desire to find the item in question, which led him to do a Google search, which gave him a link to click on, which brought him to the long-ago expired deal you mentioned. This may have been his first exposure to Woot which apparently left him totally befuddled. Can't blame him there though; New Woot has many scratching their heads!!


@dealseekerdude: And some days the entire system gets funky and it's hard to tell if what we're seeing is actually what's there. Always a bit of excitement, hmm?

At any rate, thank you for the explanation of how you thought his experience here had occurred. You and I took totally different routes to end up with essentially the same flavor of answer. Ain't Life grand?


Regardless, it seems his question has been thoroughly answered. I hope he ventures back to read the information given.

p.s. I can recall being a bit baffled by woot myself, not so very long ago.