questionsi have purchased a kodak camera and now want to…


where did you find the ring?


if your shipping is $4.99, you're making the purchase from an external site (probably one linked thru deals.woot). items listed on deals.woot are typically from websites other than woot (excluding moofi).


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The Wootosphere includes anything sold on:

(boy, has that list gotten long) is a community sourced deal site and the only woot deals you will find here that fall under the Wootosphere are from (usually a sponsored deal or posted by wootbot)


If you're talking about this:
Closeout Jewelry Decent Quality Genuine Tanzanite and Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver

That is a sponsored deal and is labeled as such. It is not being sold by a Woot site, see Wootosphere answer above. Daily Jewelry can charge whatever they wish for shipping.