questionshow do i get a free shipping code?


See here - Read this document, in particular the section about jumbowoot


Another option would be to buy something using the standard $5 shipping. Any orders after that using standard shipping for the same day will ship for free. While it is not free shipping, it can become a deal if you purchase a lot of stuff in a single day.


If you don't already live in a state where woot charges salestax, move to one. Then buy something that costs at least $40.01 and use the TAXSUCKS coupon code during checkout.

(Note: you don't actually have to move to a state where woot charges salestax: you only need to have your woot purchases shipped there.)


@baqui63 Wait for real ? This TAXSUCKS code works ? Just moved to WA and have been buying alot from woot and cursing tax everytime


@djbowman: Yep, for real. Note that it doesn't get you taxfree, it only gets you a $5 discount and only when the total is $40.01 or more.

(I'm actually not sure what it does when coupled with All You Can Ship... I'd guess it stacks but I'm not sure that it does and it is quite possible that TPTB will make it stop stacking...)