questionswhy doesn't my zmodo dvr from woot recognize a…


Have you formatted the drive?

We at Zmodo use and highly recommend both Western Digital AV-GP and Seagate Pipeline dvr HDDs if you are shopping for your own HDD. Both of these hard drives are industrial grade HDD which are designed to work with continuous DVR use. You will need an industrial grade HDD and not a computer grade HDD. If a standard grade hard drive is use it will usually go bad in 3 to 6 months.


It could be a defective power supply that isn't letting enough nanowatts through it. Try another one. Or listen to @lichme.


The drive cannot be formatted from within the DVR because it isn't recognized, should I try formatting it from a computer?

And what do you mean by the power supply? Is it is the hard drive or the DVR, or do you mean the power cable? When you say "try another one," another what?

Thanks again.