questionscompanies have feelings?


CEO's for the bottom line and stockholders for the dividends and maintenance of stock prices as far as I am concerned.


Because corporations are people.

That's a really weird message though.


Remember when Washington Mutual was the friend of the family?

(That may just be a Pacific Northwest thing, I don't know).


Companies already have more rights and more protection than individuals. (It also seems like they are valued higher than individuals...) To begrudge them feelings, that would be silly at this point.


I've never had a company express love for me, just my money. They love that stuff to death


That is pretty creepy. Are you sure you weren't being attacked via man-in-the-middle by someone in a Nigerian cyber cafe? If you're pretty sure it was actually Sprint, did they follow that message up with a proposal to play "just the tip"?


@pinchecat: Unless Sprint's site was hacked, it's them. It's the flash popup for contract detail. Every other Sprint user should have their eternal love too. Better customer service would probably suffice for most of us though.