questionswhat's your experience with amazon magazine…


If it's like any magazines I've subscribed to lately they will keep sending magazines even if you don't pay your bill...ever. Magazines need to show a high subscription rate to get advertisers. I received 2 years of Rolling Stone, never subscribed. 5 years of Muscle Car, subscribed for one. Still getting my "one year free" of Inc magazine, going on 4 years now.


Whats cool about Amazon Auto renewal, is once it ships, you can take auto renewal off. This way you renew when you want to. I love it!


You'll have to read the fine print on each subscription. My experience has been it renews at a much higher cost; however, it sounds as if @unoriginal26 has a great way of getting around that.I don't know how easy to remove yourself from the auto-renew.


@unoriginal26: Thanks for sharing your experience, if that's the case, I'm in... but is it really that easy? The deal I am looking at (Backpacker magazine) has an autorenewal price that is almost 50% off of the standard price.


@belowi: I've used the auto renewal to get a good price for some things and as soon as the first shipment is shipped you can cancel.


@belowi: It sure is!! You won't see the option until the magazine ships. It will be listed directly next to your subscription.


I just went on and did it, since I had purchased my last subscription from Amazon it let me tack this on to the end of the existing term. Thanks to all for the info.


I love Amazon's service. It's faster,easier, & just better than anyone else!