questionsanyone else get spam text messages?


I've found that sometimes you need to reply "STOP" in all capitals.. have you tried that?

Moving forward, don't ever give your cell phone number out for anything! Sign up for a Google Voice account if all you have is a mobile number. You can then call screen everything.


Report them to the FCC:

This has worked for me in the past, plus you're helping others who are also getting this SPAM.


I've got two very annoying text messages from an international number, which carries the international fee with it. Called Verizon and the CSR said it was too long to block and had to Google the number, only to come back and say she didn't know what country it was from... Lot of hassle for some spam.


I get some on occasion asking for concert tickets, or asking me to play a song. It doesn't happen very often, and I've never replied back in case it's phishing for a live person on the other end to start spamming.


I get them occasionally. I usually reply back with whatever it says and it will stop...until I get something similar from another number.

Even worse though, my son has gotten a couple that have some kind of "reply back to subscribe" message. He doesn't reply back, but we still end up with a $9.99 subscription charge on our phone bill! It happened two months in a row and I finally had to put a purchase block on my son's phone. Before you call me naive and say my son probably did subscribe, I saw the messages on his phone and looked at the message traffic on my bill and there were only the incoming messages from this fraudulent business, never outgoing messages from my son's phone.


The only 'spam' one I get is from a biker bar somewhere called The Fort. They just send me ads about what day it is at the fort every 5 days or so. No big deal. No extra charges so I just ignore them.

The rest I signed up for myself.


Yes. Usually at 3am. About an iPhone/iPad I've won. :-I