questionswhere can i find a ipod touch 8 gen. used or refb…


an 8th gen ipod touch? i'd say somewhere in the future?

am i misunderstanding the question?


If you are looking for pretty constant apple refurbs, you can always go to the apple website. The prices arent too horrible and they come with a warranty. As far as other sites, you will just have to keep an eye out to when something goes on sale. Cowboom (run by Best Buy) is an option but the quality of the products and what is included can vary widely from one offering to the next for the same product.


If you mean 8GB I would also suggest the apple website. In fact, that would be the only place I would buy an apple refurb because of the warranty.


eBay or Craigslist...seems like an easy answer.

Really, how hard can it be?