questionsdid you know that lichme is retiring from the #1…


So, oh wise one, what have you learned from your time at the top? "Heavy lies the head that wears the crown"?


So in this case, would it be proper to upvote or downvote this?

Seriously though, some really awesome wooting from you for the past few months. Have a good quasi-break!


My guess is carl669 will sit atop the leaderboard from now on. He's the only one that's consistently in the top 3. I think most of us jump around the top 20 day to day. Highest I've been is #3....behind lichme and carl669.


@lichme: now that's just rude! don't listen to him people. if i'm elected as #1, i'll cut taxes for all non-zombie related industries and work to reign in spending by making major cuts to things like the mermaid location program and any organizations that discriminate against leprechauns.


I suspect this is a ploy to get cake!


I call 'shenanigans' on @lichme
Welcome to the middle! We'll miss you at the top though.


@gideonfrost: i'm not anti-zombie! i'm just pro-human.


Turntable has taken over my woot rep


Ok, as if retiring hasn't disoriented me enough, now the #1 DW spot will change? How will I ever start feeling normal again? Argh!


Protip: Never listen to @inkycatz while at work.


@gideonfrost: Ooo, time to say outrageous things while no one is listening! :D


So does this mean I'm less immeasurably far from the top spot?


Gee, now how will cancer ever be cured?


"It's a trap!"

(Edit: And on a different topic, @inkycatz must have had a VERY nice weekend.)


@lichme: Do you always refer to yourself in 3rd person? Is there a 1st & 2nd person lingering somewhere? ;-)

Stupendous long run in #1. Well played.


@gmwhit: Bob Dole referred to himself in the 3rd person and look where he ended up. Uh, never mind.


If a lichme is not first in the forest, does it still make a sound?


good riddance is all i have to say, can you believe this smug m-f'er has the audacity to announce to the world that he's "retiring" from being #1 on deals.woot. Grade-A Dick move lichme, you're going to lose a lot of friends over this.

Just kidding, maybe I'll stumble upon #1 sometime, I mean, we can't have @carl669 being #1 all the time again. Congratulations on a truly impressive run, what are you going to do with all the spare time you will have now? :P


@cowboydann: I'm going to Disneyworld! In all actuality, this post was meant to reference when the inevitable "Did you see lichme hot dethroned" post that would have surely followed once I became less active. As for the time, I guess I could actually do some work.


@cowboydann: hmm i was about to agree w/ the smug part but then I saw the kidding. hrumph.


@psumek: he is a smug dude, the kidding was just to state it's all in play. If you talk to him outside of deals.woot he doesn't take his rep as serious as he impliesover here. He's actually a real cool guy despite how much I hate him over on this side of the fence


Does this require a 10 step program?


@lichme: Hey, lichme, remember what happened to Michael Corleone. "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in!" Do let us know when the twitching stops.


@firebirdude: The highest I've been is #25. Who do I have to bribe to get into the top 5? :)


Thanks for your excellent work as king. Welcome to peasantville.


@lichme: To what do you owe your longevity at #1? Is it clean living, eating right, not smoking or drinking, etc? Inquiring minds want to know.


@carl669 said: "i'll cut taxes for all non-zombie related industries"

I take that to mean most big business will not benefit from the tax cuts. :)


I find it way, way too easy to lose the black triangle. I cannot imagine being at and/or staying at the top. Congratulations @ Lichme on your accomplishment.