questionslooking for a blu-ray player that streams amazon…


Price range? Any other features you're looking for specifically, like Wifi or 3D capabilities?

Most new blu-ray players are capable of streaming Amazon Instant Video, to be honest, so that won't be tough to find. I've had good experiences with a Sony player, so generally I'd recommend one of those. Also, while I don't have one myself, several friends of mine rave over the numerous capabilities of the PS3 Slim as a blu-ray and media player.


PlayStation 3 just added the Amazon Instant Video ability. Probably your best bang for the buck.


I have two Playstations (PS3) and a Sony Blu-Ray player (BD-S360 I think is the model). They all do an excellent job. The PS3 interface is a little better, but that is to be expected since the PS3 is going to be a little more capable in terms of processing power and updates, etc.

I believe other manufacturers have Amazon video, but Sony does it well and I believe it is in all of their Blu-Ray players.

EDIT: I have seen some Sony Blu-Ray refurbs for around $60-$70 recently listed here on deals.woot. You can get a new one for around $100. Wifi included for around $130.


I recently purchased the LG BD670 through Amazon and have had good results so far


@novastarj: I am not really enamored with 3D so I don't care about that. I would like to find one that is WiFi ready out of the box but that also has an Ethernet jack.


I'd toss in a vote for the PS3 as well. It has Netflix, Hulu, now Amazon Prime and a few sports streams I dont use since I don't follow any sports. I believe that darn near every streaming service has an app for the PS3.

The media server capability is nice too. I forget how to set it up, but basically if you've got a video on another device on the same network, you can stream it from there on the PS3, which is pretty cool.

I'm sure that more devices will support Amazon Instant as time goes on, but it'll probably be a while for TVs and stand-alone players.

PS3 also has built in wifi and ethernet, to address your most recent comment. Definitely look into it; even if you're not a gamer it still might be a good bet.


This one is currently on sale for $85 on Amazon...I think for only the next 2 days:

EDIT: In less than a minute after I posted this, the price went up a bit. Sheesh.


If you don't play video games, then I'd recommend against a PS3 as it costs over twice as much as a standalone player and the only additional things it can do are play video games and annoy you with updates.

The CNET top rated players last year were the Panasonic BMP-BDT210, Sony BDP-S185, and LG BD670. The first two have been discontinued, but you might still find refurbs for cheap. The LG you can still buy new for $100, which is a pretty good price given its capabilities. All of them have wifi, ethernet, a suite of streaming capabilities, and 3D.


I 'third' the PS3 advice.

While it does have software updates, I view this as a benefit, not an annoyance. I've seen the Netflix app on the PS3 evolve from a disc to the current version that has settings for "normal" and "for kids"<--which is great since I have kids, and they don't need to see the violent movies that daddy just watched.

The PS3 slim is fairly future proof as well. It is 3D Blu-ray compatible, and receives updates to Hulu, Netflix, Vudu and Amazon Prime Video.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a Roku XDS from Woot or Amazon from one of the daily deals, and it was primarily because the PS3 didn't offer Amazon Prime viewing..., and then shortly afterwards, the PS3 was able to stream Amazon Videos. Now I can stream my Amazon Prime videos, rent through Amazon, and access all previously purchased Amazon online videos that I had hopped onto.

I also love the fact that my Amazon billing info isn't tied to Sony and Sony doesn't require a gold membership like Xbox.