questionswhat is this new mod trickery?


Watch Out!!!
Looks like we have a Student Driver at the Mod Desk!!!...

When you think you have seen it all, guess what, it can get worse....


It actually may have been my Fault... :-(

I asked for a copy with "Go Sox" or "Go Bruins" on it and well I think someone down there in Texas might not like them New England teams...



what do you expect? Most of the people who knew what they were doing are leaving/gone.


Someone probably tattled that there was a dupe and the wrong one got deleted.

Don't be so quick to call foul. Could be an honest mistake.


@thunderthighs: You might not know this, but I like you a great deal. Respect you, too.

Yet....The old excuse that it was 'deleted in error' is really getting stale. Please try to understand OUR point of view. This happens too often. Way too often. @ohcheri can't repost the deal & get back all the votes.

BTW: If the deals had different prices it is NOT a dup. At all. This is just sad. Again.


@gmwhit: When you can look at a couple hundred deals a day, day in and day out, and never make a mistake, be sure to let us know. Woot employs humans. Mistakes happen.


@thunderthighs: Understood. Know mistakes happen. Have held high input/output jobs. If I had made that many mistakes repeatedly, I would have lost my job. Have also been a supervisor and a manager of said human employees. Consistent (published) rules/guidelines help. Also understand that those are lacking here. So sorry....for a lot of things.


How could it be a mistake if the mod changed the price of the higher deal, then turned around and deleted the newer, lower priced deal?

All they did was make more work for themselves, and confuse the OP.


@thunderthighs: So You have not all been replaced with droids like in Star wars.


There are a lot of deal sites out there and this seems to be the only one that has constant drama. One of the main reasons I have been a lot less active here.

Im sorry, but I have to agree with @gmwhit. The "We have a lot of deals to look through so we may screw up. We're human after all" excuse isn't cutting it anymore. If you can't handle it, hire more staff. If the current staff is getting tired of rooting through all the deals move on like half of the woot! staff already did.

Having too much work is never a good excuse for a mistake.


PROTIP: Next time expire the first one when you put it up a second time. Avoids the issue entirely.


@coondogg97: This isn't the only one with constant drama. One that I know of for sure is Slickdeals, that place has a lot of drama especially in what makes it to the front page. I'm less active in other places, but have noticed some drama in others as well.


@hackman2007: I have been on Slick Deals more often now and although I see drama, I dont think it is very much. With this community being so much smaller maybe it just seems more prevalent here.

EDIT: I have to also add, bravo to @ohcheri for even sticking with this. She has gotten the shaft here so many times and still goes out of her way to add to the community.


@thunderthighs: This would all be solved if the duplicate deal that stays gets all the upvotes of both. It might gain rep for someone who posted the deal later, but all the same it gets the deal the proper credit it deserves.

That should only apply if the deleted deal had a positive score, of course. Not that I agree with downvoting on something for being a duplicate.


@omnichad: The issue is that is was not a duplicate deal. The same item at a different price is not a duplicate.


@ohcheri: Unless the new price was tattled on the old one first. Then it could be. If the URL is the same, it might make it harder for their system to distinguish - I don't know.


@omnichad: The original deal was RIP'd. The mod had to:

A) Delete the newer deal (which was priced at $8.99)
B) Un-expire the old deal (which was priced at $9.99)
C) Change the price of the older deal to $8.99

That's a lot of extra work for no valid reason.


@ohcheri: I withdraw all previous statements, then. Hard for that to even be an accident.


@coondogg97: Probably. Drama sucks though. It would be nice to just have everything done correctly the first time :)


@coondogg97: I think probably what has happened is that they have reduced staff, or made it other duties as assigned. Deals really doesn't make Woot much money, aside from the sponsored deals and maybe the ads on the page. Given the new regime and the push for bigger and bigger profits (30% gains), putting a lot of assets into something for little business return doesn't pass the cash flow analysis. Why waste constant manpower on something that does not produce dollars?

I would imagine that a lot of the recent complaints have been caused by two things: 1. new staff and 2. not constant exposure.


@wisenekt: I'm going to have to disagree with you...DW does make WOOT a lot of money and it's because of the community traffic. They charge for advertising space and the amount they can charge is based on how much traffic this site receives. If we (the community) didn't pop in here every day, post deals, ask questions, etc. their advertising revenue would drop accordingly.


@wisenekt: WE made woot! what it was along with a VERY talented and comical staff. So to say they are paying less attention to their customers because it isn't profitable is just hooey!


@ohcheri: I like you - so please don't take this as me thinking this is what "should" be said to you.

At this point, I'm pretty sure deals staff are trying to encourage you to leave the community. Whether it be questionable content, or outspokenness in the community, I'm not sure - but it really looks like they want you gone.

The blanket "oops" excuse got old 2 years ago. When the deal, and any reputation or usefulness of the original popular link are zapped completely from existence - more care/caution should be exercised.
While it's true that humans make mistakes; if you want the leeway of forgiveness - you can't just keep doing the same thing, over and over again, without explanation and expect to keep being forgiven. Eventually, you're expected to own up to why it happened (beyond oops) and stop doing it.


@thumperchick: I know what you're saying but in reality if they wanted me gone they would just ban my store like they have banned others. And I realize they still may do exactly that.

To give the mods the benefit of the doubt it is very clear that they do not have any better guidelines/rules/procedures than we do. Some mods will automatically tag my deals #lingerie or #sexy either from habit or for personal reasons. They are humans as the very wonderful @thunderthighs has reminded us. Humans have bad days, they hold grudges and they make mistakes for variety of reasons.

It would be so simple and reduce a lot of bs if the Gods O' Woot would just make rules/guidelines/procedures for both staff and community that are clear and concise.


I have never witnessed @ohcheri harming the woot! brand, in fact they are the only entity I know out here that not only promotes themselves, but are active in the community. Is @ohcheri a little more high maintenance then other members, probably. But @ohcheri is also involved in the community and is one of us unlike most of the self promoters here. You dont see @mygofer or @justdeals ever adding anything to this community other then a post promoting their own stuff. Which is fine, I have no problem with that either. But to express in your community that you rather have one of your supporters leave because it would make everyone's job easier, that is a hard pill to swallow for an average community member like myself.

EDIT: @thumperchick: Sorry, misread where you were coming from. As you can see above, I agree!


@coondogg97 @ohcheri: Out of five sponsored deals, one is usually Moofi so they have four open spots that they sell which is around $5-$10K if i remember correctly from one of your earlier posts @ohcheri. So they are pulling in $20-$40K a day which sounds great. But they have to have servers dedicated to Deals and all the IT type stuff that goes with it. When Deals has an issue (like it has three times over the past couple months) they have to dedicate time and resources to get it back up and running. Add in the potential cost of at least two moderators 24/7 and that dollar value starts to shrink.

All I am saying is that the overlords could be looks at Deals just like the rest of corporate America is looking at themselves, is there a way that we can do it cheaper and still "get by"? Quality is no longer the name of the game, it is about getting by and getting as much money as you can.


@wisenekt: I'm not talking about the sponsored deals, I'm referring to the advertising space on the sides. Possibly you use an ad blocker so you don't see them but they are generating tons of revenue and all advertising is priced according to traffic.


@coondogg97: High maintenance? I resemble that remark! ;-)


@wisenekt: All I am saying is that the overlords could be looks at Deals just like the rest of corporate America is looking at themselves, is there a way that we can do it cheaper and still "get by"? Quality is no longer the name of the game, it is about getting by and getting as much money as you can.

You couldn't be more right on! I think what everyone is complaining about is, it was never like that. Woot! was the company that was ANTI-CORPORATE!

"Hey everyone, we're going to sell flushlights and make it fun! Who gives a crap if we aren't working on a 60% margin!"

It's not like that anymore and even the staffers who are left are losing their steam and morale.


Seems to me that Woot! should send you a dollar for every sale that you honor at the new, Woot!-decided-upon price...


you guys complain.

* Please note I did not say who complained. However if said complaint was implied to a specific person than see next note

* Please note I did not say if the above complaints were a lot or a little. However if said complaint was specified to imply either a little or a lot see last note

* Please note I did not say if any complaint was valid or invalid.


@triplebud: Would it be complaining to state that I do not know what post you are referencing?
Unless your post was removed, this was your first post on this subject.


They edited the description of my item, so I riped all my deals. If they take away the coupons AND the fun, there is really no reason to work from them for free.


@triplebud: can you repost?
Either it was deleted, or I have my "triplebud" filter on... I do not see a single post by you up there!