questionsrecommendations on a quiet and high quality…


I only have experence with 1 projector but I used to pick it out.
You can select noise level here:

Have you checked the settings on the projector? There may be a way to turn down the fans during the show.
You can also check out the throw calc, and learn more then you need to know about projectors.


My 2nd comment was deleted\got lost. (First I would like to say too bad I was the only one to answer.)
Second if you search using
Stay away from the Pyle Pro brand. Many complaints from 1920x1080 not being the native resolution. (Think I read that on amazon).


@caffeine_dude: Didn't see your second comment, but thanks so much for the link to

I think I am leaning towards this one:

a bit expensive, but seems like the best bang for the buck.



@josefresno: Read a few reviews, I agree lots of bang for buck, but watch that bulb. Review bulb care from a few websites for example:

Best of Luck!


@caffeine_dude: Nice! "One often most important things that all projector owners should be doing to maintain their projector lamps is making sure they do not unplug the projector until the bulb as fully cooled." The more you know...