questionswhere has woot deals gone?


Are you talking about the community sponsored deals or the deals from woot?

Or is this question tongue in cheek?


Not sure if it tongue in cheek or not lol

But, this site sure has changed


Yeah, the main page "top" tab is all advertisers now. You have to click the "popular" or "fresh" tab to get regular deals.


There are still deals posted here?

If you've been away for a while, then a quick looksee at the FAQ (Fah-Q) will clear up any questions about why everyone left.


The fact is, there really aren't as many deals lately either. In the last year, almost every major retailer has cut back on deep discounts.

I certainly haven't found out of some amazing deal somewhere else only to find out that it wasn't already posted on deals.woot. The deals just aren't out there anymore the same as they were 2-3 years ago.


Puts on steel-toed boots and kicks a rock.

...Nothin' there. Might be under another rock. Or on a mountain. Perhaps on a boat adrift in the ocean.

I'll keep looking for a while. I know it was here a few years ago. Maybe I'm lookin' in all the wrong places.


Old timer here. Woot has considerably changed in the last few months. It used to be a good index of deals that were put up daily but I think the general feeling anymore is "not worth it", There used to be links to sales on videogames like steam daily deals, links from other deal of the day sites and specials from all over the web. Not anymore. Now it's like a dress for sale coupon at various stores and housewares. If community deals was a person they would be at the stage where they are put in a nursing home because the family is tired of taking care of them.


@chris12345: So I've definitely been in and out lately... when did the top tab become all sponsored??? That explains why they are all LAME. Wow, I missed something.


@luvche21: The last time they switched the tabs around this happened. Basically everything on the first tab is from "trusted partners".


Shhhh....don't complain too loudly or this thread will be deleted. It has been happening with great frequency lately. TPTB@Woot don't seem to like criticism much.


@capguncowboy: Yeah, that was a big Fah-Cue. :)


I have been thinking the same thing! The deals that make the top "community" page make me scratch my head.

Example, a couple weeks ago I posted a deal for a FREE k-cup samples through target. After over 700 views and ~25 up votes, my deal still didn't make the top page. Yet there were plenty of garbage deals (random DVD's for $9 with 10 up votes) making the front page from the same 3-4 members.

After that happened, I gave up trying to post anything that I considered a deal and realized that people like me must have felt the same way and now all the deals posted are garbage.

Does anyone know of a good site that would have been like deals.woot of past?


I love what this site was, sometimes is, and still could be. I don't get why some of the less communicative powers that be don't understand the commercial value of having a store where your customers think of you as family/friends and want to hang out on your porch all day. The community has been unique to my experience, and fueled sales and site expansion over time. (For a similar example: when I'm happy with Starbucks, l look for excuses to buy. When I'm mad at Corp Starbucks, I do without for months)

If other, non-mediocre sites take over the deals.woot feeling and associated commercial activity, some recent decisions here might have provided a lot of fuel.


Where, indeed.

Maybe we should put it on the side of a milk carton.