questionswhat are you plans for memeorial day weekend?


Woot! almost nailed it for me, we will be planting two trees tomorrow, w/ swimming after. On Sunday we will celebrate our 24th Anniversary! Good planning back then to have the wedding on a holiday weekend! (kudos to younger self for the foresight) Hubby never forgets and we have an extended celebration every year. Will dine out at an incredible restaurant. Monday, more swimming and grilling, perhaps more garden puttering.

What is the KC museum?


@pickypickypicky: I live in Kansas City, it's the local home for awesomeness and history, and I havne't been since I was a kid.

Really excited!


Just relaxing. Going to see Cage the Elephant tonight, Hangover 2 in the morning, races and Xbox all day Sunday.
I unfortunately have to work Monday, on my birthday I might add. Oh well.


My son is visiting from Arkansas, I haven't seen him in over a year so I'm super excited! Barbecuing with both my sons, my brothers, bestie and husband. Hopefully the weather cooperates.


Finishing the work on my kitchen... lots of painting, making cabinet doors, then putting in the new floors. Fun times!


@capguncowboy: Sounds like fun to me, love home improvement projects, just not the money that goes into them!


Driving down to Hotlanta for a family friend's daughters graduation from high school. Then Driving back to see my Fiance. Then Playing a stupid amount of video games till I crawl into work Monday morning. =)


@ohcheri: Thats fun! Hope you all have a great time and that the weather permits some good bbq cookin!


I'm thinking catch a movie, do some needed things around the home and spending time with some overworked friends who have the day off.


@killswitchdh: Haha! I just checked the weather for Carson City, chance of snow that day...I guess it will be pizza and beer instead of barbecue :-)


camping with the family. DAMMIT, I could have bartended at the KISS concert at raley field this weekend instead and earned as few hundred bucks...


For Memorial Day, I'll be out shopping, maybe posting deals on deals.woot if I find some cool ones that haven't been posted.

Monday, if the weather is nice, I'll BBQ and invite friends over.


I plan on spending monday spreading the word to everyone I can reach that ZAGG & WOOT are unpatriotic and insensitive jerks:

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Commemorate our fallen soldiers the AMERICAN way: by buying stuff."