questionshow often do you wash your sheets and towels?


I am typically at home to handle the daily chores, so our linens are swapped out weekly, usually on a Monday or Tuesday. Watched some tv program a few years back showing the skin flakes, oils, etc. that accumulate in short time on the bedding so that lingers in my mind.

Our hand towels in the bath and kitchen are changed daily, but we do reuse bath towels 2x before washing again.

I might change them more often if the weather is esp. sunny as we have no dryer. So I am motivated to take advantage of the sun*s warming rays to dry things and hopefully kill any baddies (not sure if the sunlight does this or not though).


Seems normal to me. About the same here, more like once a week on the the towels though.


hand towels in the bathroom are done more often than the bath towels. At a minimum, bath towels are done every saturday, and sometimes on wednesday too. Sheets once a week.

Cleanliness is next to godliness or so they say. The old timers had it right though, keep everything clean. Science is finally coming around to realize what they figured out over a century ago.


Bed linens at least once a week in winter, twice in summer unless it's really hot and humid and then as needed. Yes, I've changed them everyday when it's been really hot out, stripping the bed down to the mattress and washing the mattress pad as well. I can't stand a sweaty smelling bed and fabric freshener sprays just don't do it for me. Now, if someone is ill and running a temp, I've been known to change their bed while they were in the bathroom.

Towels, everyone has their own sets, designated by color. Hand and face get swapped out daily, if they've been used and bath towels are good for two showers.

Well, that's how the routine is suppose to be done, however, no guarantee with teenage boys, as their towels and linens are their responsibility.


Haven't washed my sheets in 2 months. My towels I was every week.


Bedding once a week. Towels once a week or before that if they start showing signs of dirt or unpleasant smell.


I do laundry every three or four days. One load of clothes, another of towels. Sheets...every other week, give or take.


Sheets about every week-2, no longer than 2 that's for sure. The baby's stuff I wash weekly. Towels..weekly too. I need to get a few more to fill out our set again so I can do them with less stress and a less demanding turn around time.


Sheets can really vary. People have told me before that it's gross not to wash my sheets for a month. If I get a shower every night before I touch them then how gross can they be? It's not as if I sleep naked. If you shower in the morning then they could never last this long. My pillowcase is much more important and I never let it go more than 3 days without changing.


Sheets about every other week, towels usually once a week. More or less depending on circumstances.


Our sheets are washed once a week but I put an extra top sheet on the bed each week so that midweek I can peel it back and presto, new sheets 2x/week.

We are otherwise sloppy and don't make our beds. Messy but clean.


I have a huge hamper and plenty of sheets and towels. Therefore, I change out the bed linens and the towels every five days or so, but I often wait a week or so before I literally devote an entire day to laundry. I actually could probably wait for the formal laundry day for three weeks before the hamper began overflowing.


Once a week for towels and sheets.


@iggz: How so? Keeping clean seems important.


Towels once a week, sheets every two weeks


Hmmm... Interesting...

We all have individual bath (actually shower) towels; I rotate a pair and hang them to dry after each use. They each get reused ten to fifteen times before going into the laundry. My daughters' towels are used about twice a week and washed about once a month (so reused eight or nine times).

The (one) bathroom hand towel gets rotated out more often, probably about once a week. The (four) kitchen hand towels, which are used much more than the bathroom one, are rotated out about every two weeks.

My bed sheets go about three or four weeks before being changed (more in the summer) and my daughters' about a month (but they only sleep here two or three times a week, so that is about every two weeks' use for them).


bath towels get used 3 times, sheets changed once per month.


Towels, probably semi-weekly. Sheets, when she asks me to.


Sheets: Once every 3 months
Towels: Once every 2 months (I have 3 sets of towels that I rotate around)
Bathrobe: Once every 6 months

Ah, the joys of being in college. After reading the other responses, I am looking even less forward to being a real adult.

I also want to add that if you shower before getting into bed at night, you can keep the sheets a lot cleaner.


@rprebel: I wish! If I don't do laundry every day, I get totally buried in dirty clothes! I used to tell my friend with 3 kids that it was more economical to do the laundry all in one day, so the dryer doesn't have to heat up for each load. I had NO IDEA how much laundry 3 kids produce (and now I have 5). Sheets once a week or so, towels once or twice a week, depending in part on how humid it is and if they are drying quickly between uses. Hand towels get swapped out all the time - and when ANYONE is sick, I pull out all the stops to keep it from spreading... and do a lot more laundry.


@caron7: My brother has 4 himself. I never really noticed before, but yeah...they're always doing laundry! lol, now I understand why.


Interesting facts:
Wash temp 130 F or warmer kills bacteria (mites, bedbugs, etc.) - soap may not...


Bleach devastates bacteria (etc.), even at room temp (but only use for white stuff, or the bleach will tend to remove color from fabric as well).

I always keep an 'extra' bleach because it can also disinfect water (a few drops per gallon, tastes like chlorine - the chlorine fades after about a day