questionswhat has been your experience with


Same thing happened to me, a year or so ago. I ordered, they charged, they never shipped, and they refunded. I haven't gone back


The refunding people fetish?


Dont have any personal experience with them, but I know a lot of those smaller DOD places are drop shipping their deals, so the inventory management isn't the best (since it isn't their inventory in the first place). Not to mention they are posting deals and relying on someone else to ship them, so if it is a popular deal, the other company might get overwhelmed and the dropshipping company has to deal with it (they probably only have like 3 people working there anyways). I am not defending them, I just have some personal experience with a small DOD company so I know what it is like. Everyone expects Amazon-like service, that small Mom and Pop companies cant really offer.


I've not used froobi but I had something like this happen a few years ago with an eBay seller. Was rather confusing to me, as I was more than willing to wait and had clearly stated such.

Ah well... some people! :)


I have never dealt with them, but I would agree with the several people who stated that "at least you got your money back". It's the interwebz...the same/better deal will pop up again soon.


They ship from CHINA.
They dropship a lot of their deals and forget to mention this minor detail..

I just got done dealing with them, ordered something from them and still hadn't even received a shipping confirmation 3 weeks later lol.. The thing I ordered was something I'd seen being sold a lot by Chinese wholesalers/dropshippers so I actually made sure to check the shipping time when I ordered - it was advertised as 3 day :)


i feel compelled to come back and update this.
my product arrived in the mail today. and no they did not recharge me for it.



Wait... are you saying (well, writing) that you got it for free?