questionswill you be watching the 2012 mlb all star game?


Being a lifetime baseball fan, I will watch as always. And my favorite team is heavily represented this year, which makes it nice.... that team would be the San Francisco Giants, and yes I know there is no way Pablo Sandoval should be there at third base. Even I voted for David Wright, it is ridiculous Pablo beat him in fan voting....


Yes, as a life long Rangers fan it is must see TV


I'll be watching it for fun (and as an excuse to drink beer), but not because "this time it counts." Id prefer to see a game where all of the players can go in, play and have fun. I dont want this to turn into the NFL Pro Bowl, but this should just be a fun event for everyone - players, coaches, fans.


Honestly, no. I don't appreciate MLB like some of you others do. Maybe it's because I don't have a nearby team. I hope your team represents!


hell yeahs! 3 of my GIANTS are pitching!


Oh, you betcha. Here in the colony of the District of Columbia, we waited for a team forever, much as certain Wootizens wait for a chance to snag a Bat of Captains. And now we are (dare I say it?) number one. Sent a few young gents to the Tuesday game, too, & I wouldn't miss it or them.


While I don't think I've missed a single All-Star game in over 40 years, I am starting to get tired of it because there are just too many All-Stars. Each AS team has 32 spots, plus a ridiculous number of injury replacements, to the point where something like 80 players end up getting called All-Stars. Considering that there are only 750 active major leaguers at any given time (before September roster expansions), that means more than ten percent of all players are All-Stars.

Each team has at least one player is to make sure that fans in all MLB cities have a reason to tune in, but the rosters need to be smaller so that we see the best of the best, not the best and some pretty good players to fill up the spots.

Here are my suggested changes:
1. Back to 25-man rosters.
2. Unless the players are voted in, limit each team to three players.
3. Unless inured, each pitcher must face at least three batters.
4. Unless injured, each starting position player must go at least five innings.


I'm just waiting around for college basketball to start.


I've attended or watched LOTS of Rangers games over the years, but I can't stand All-Star games- in any sport. Nobody wants to risk injury and it shows.