questionswhy do you think some deals sites are posting…


Why would they not want to have their deal get popular by having it on deals.woot?!?
My bet is that the company thinks Facebook will get more publicity than their own website.


It gives them additional likes, which makes them look like a bigger more popular company, which makes them more appealing to advertisers and other potential business partners.

EDIT: And also customers, I suppose. If you see a page with 10,000 likes, for instance, it makes it look like a better/ more reputable company/ service, which would make some people more likely to check it out.


I know they are....I liked all the companies that manufacture all the outdoor gear I use, and they are ALWAYS posting really awesome deals, I've got some great gear a low price! I know wooters hate facebook, but I LOVE it...I get better deals on facebook than I do deals.woot!


I don't get the anti-social networking thing. They probably post to facebook because they know that millions of people and potential customers spend time on that website. Many more people than niche places (like woot) bring in. So, bang for your buck - cheap/free promotion through social networking.


I am thinking along the same line as @thumperchick: Lots of traffic and free advertising to boot.


Facebook is requiring companies to sign exclusivity contracts. This is why the far superior platform of G+ is getting a very slow start signing up businesses. Personally if I see a company has handed their branding and business identity over to facebook, I will either avoid them all together or at least access their material from non-facebook connections. If I am forced to sign up for a facebook account to enter a contest, etc, I do that. I currently have over 300 accounts and they are each one use. I had my private account but disabled it 3 or 4 years ago after facebook stole a photo of mine and sold it to a stock photo company. About 5 years I read an article about how people who didn't trust facebook simply created a new account each and every time they needed one. At the time I thought that was crazy, but once I joined fb myself and read their TOS and privacy policies, I understood why they did that and there are thousands of people that do that as well (1T users my a$$.)