questionshas anyone else noticed how busy @jumbowoot! has…


Or on the flip side... What the heck happened today causing so many issues which @jumbowoot felt the need to intervene in?


I think @raider9924 may be more on track here. There may be some new hires, or someone on vacation, but in my 15 months here I have never seen this much activity from JW in a single day.


@raider9924: Either way - if things get corrected we'll (mostly) be happier.


If this keeps up, I may need to send @jumbowoot a coupon!


Maybe he's trying to pad his rep before going away for the weekend. Not that I would know anything about that...


I think I've gotten more responses on questions from @jumbowoot over the past month than any other staffer other than @inkycatz.

Now, jumby, while you're busy....Could you please make up a ridulously long internet scavenger hunt for the next jumbowoot coupon, and email us the first clue, instead of just the code. Even better, launch it right before a woot-off, so that everyone is scrambling like rats to find the code to spend on the woot-off! :D