questionswhat's the best black friday deal you've missed?


I'll let you know when I'm done.


I'll tell you what I missed. I wanted this specific item off a major internet site. I priced it out months and weeks before Black Friday and it was $160.00, surely it would be either free shipping or a certain percent off come Friday or Cyber Monday - so I waited. Leading up to Thanksgiving the item magically went up to $210.00 and was blessed with a Black Friday 10% off so it's around 190.00 right now.

I think I need to wait for the sales to end before it the price goes down again.


we missed the $99 color nook, but we were out today at walmart near the electronics section and they guy found 8 in a box. So I bought one!


A Thinkpad for $199 on amazon. I think it was gone in about 5 seconds.

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What I miss is the actual deals. I didn't find anything this year that piqued my interest. Total letdown.