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You need to come back with the details. Clever Apple has about a dozen different devices out there that all say iPod on them. Which one is this?


look in the menu for a dock mode/usb mode. Cellphones are like that - sometimes it can be a usb device, and other times it can be ainteractive device to interact with software.


iPod Nano 4th Generation

I can't get to the menu. It is stuck in the sync mode.


I hope you have copies of all your audio/video/pix/whatever elsewhere, because if you have to set it back to ground zero via Itunes, you will lose all.

But you might not have to do that.

Start by attempting to reboot it. It prob will, Ipod's either have no juice or are way messed up if they won't boot.

If I had an Ipod w/ probs, would plug it into a wall socket charger (not a usb cable hooked to the computer), just to make sure it had juice to reboot. If you think it carries a reasonable battery charge, you can skip that if needed.

To reboot, you first push the hold switch back so the orange shows, and then back to normal, so the orange doesn't show. I think on 4th gen nano's, tiny slide switch on the bottom.

Next takes both hands for me (a clumsy oaf): SIMULTANEOUSLY press with one thumb the center button, and with the other thumb the play/pause button. Hold both until the screen goes black and apple logo shows.
Compl directions on Apple site.


If it reboots and your playlists show up, your next step is to make sure you have backups of all your media (vids, pix, mp3s, whatever). Itunes won't export mp3's and vid's back to the computer, last I tried, maybe it will sync pix. Not sure.

Make sure Itunes isn't running on whatever machine you will use!

There are some decent freeware programs that do this: Check, and don't pay for anything.

I think floola does it and give decent filenames derived from tags.

Make copies to the computer w/ whatever Ipod backup software you chose.

Once you have backed up whatever you can off your nano, close floola or whatever software you used for the local backup. Unplug the nano, startup Itunes, and then plug the nano back in.

Sometimes after a bad sync, Itunes will tell you the Nano needs a re-format and then you have to do a complete re-sync. Sometimes, in spite of that message, you don't need to do any such thing.


@f00l: thanks, this is the info I was looking for. So now I need to go find a wall charger, as I don't own one yet. Everything that is on my iPod is already in iTunes so I won't be losing anything important.

How long should I have to hold down those buttons? Because I did that for about 10 minutes and it is still in the synchronizing do not disconnect window. (the iPod was full charged before I went to add songs) The screen is frozen. Has been apparently since 10am this morning.


If you get the "restore you Nano now" message from Itunes, try clicking around on various playlists to see if it seems to work anyway. If so, you might be able to skip the restore, or postpone it for a while. If not, you'll have to wipe/reload.

If you must wipe/reload, just follow the itunes steps. You will wind up with a bland Nano - you will have to re-do all your settings and re-load your media.

Because I am not fond of the Itunes sync, I always load music/audio/whatever manually on all my Ipods - I can manage it better, I can choose by file instead of by playlist, I don't bother putting playlists into Itunes that will never go on the Ipod - I just create a playlist on the device and drag whatever into it. This setting is in the device settings on Itunes, which you can access when the device is connected. If you prefer auto-sync, well I know a lot of people who have your current problem pretty often.

Hope Nano isn't toast, will work again for you.

See Ipodlounge for info.


I can't get it to reboot. I am trying to avoid taking it to the Apple store.


If the battery is charged, you don't need the wall cable - they only need that when the battery is near empty.

Did you move the "lock ipod" slider back and forth BEFORE you pressed the buttons? You have to do that first (and see the orange "locked" color and then back to "unlocked" or no reboot.

If it will reboot, you should only have to hold the buttons for a few seconds.

If it won't, and you already have backups of everything, try closing Itunes, then re-opening Itunes, then re-plugging Ipod back into the computer. You may get a re-format Nano message, just go ahead and do it.

If that doesn't work, call a friend who is an old Ipod hand or check on the Apple website and at for help.

Also you get quite decent service at the Apple store, esp if the Nano is new and under warranty. Walk-in you get tips - make an appt and you get serious service. You make an appt by going to the Apple website, finding your local store, and then finding the concierge function.


@f00l: What a nice guy, and that's some pretty good instructions, although I'd have added in to take the battery out, and leave it out, for about five minutes. @hobbit doesn't have much to lose at this point.

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@f00l: it isn't under warranty.

I did do the slide lock and it was still showing that it was locked actually. BUT I think it just started working and I thank you!!! Yay

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At the concierge, you can schedule tech support appts etc. If the Nano is new, or if you have AppleCare for it, you can call Apple's Help Line.

I have phone no's
for Apple. Not sure what no is for what, but try some of them.

You might want to consider buying AppleCare, you double the warranty and get better tech support w/ it. You have to buy the right version, they have diff versions for the Iphone, the Touch, the Classic, the Nano, the Shuffle, and various other hardware. You can way improve on the Apple price buy checking Amazon third party re-sellers, Ebay, Pricegrabber, etc. Not an instant purchase last time I bought it, I was sent a box with a serial I had to activate. Perhaps they have an instant version now.

If this is a newish Nano, they should treat you well. If it's older than 3 months, they may not give phone tech support, I forget. If older than one year, try asking friends for assistance, they can usually be fixed.


Copy what I wrote before staff removes, in that case, you might want some of it until you find better versions elsewhere.

Tech sup tips on the Apple site are decent. Always worth a try. ALso register device. Doesn't hurt anything.

Happy you're getting somewhere.


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@hobbit: If it isn't under warranty, don't buy AppleCare. Only extends existing active warranty, if past current warranty then no dice, and Apple checks.

But happy for you.

My personal solution to Ipod probs: Manually Sync All (esp the 160G one).
Drag and Drop. Backup All. Keep a copy of Floola. Keep a second mp3 player handy for emergencies, in case one of the main ones go out.

BTW, Floola and many similar programs are portable. You can enable the USB function on the Ipod (think you already did that), then just drag floola and any files it came with to the root of the nano drive.

Later you can plug Nano into another machine (say a friend's) and run Floola directly from your Ipod. Backup everyting, or load new stuff, etc. Can be quite nice. Sometimes you get an error next time you run Ipod under Itunes but you can usually just ignore and all will be find.

Only 1 software can sync Ipod at a time. So Itunes must be closed to do anything else.



Forgot to mention, all Ipods/Iphones are sealed, no manual battery removal unless you have special tools and solder or something. Major pain, will scratch it up. Not like a decent phone. Worst. Single. Thing. About. Ipods. And. Iphones.



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