questionsdid you know the top 2 spots on the leaderboard…


"On January 20th 1982, Ozzy Osbourne dined on a bat while on stage in Des Moines in front of 5,000 or so witnesses"



i think i want to keep the capital of deals.woot in texas. it makes it easier for our wonderful mods to travel to work when not home in their pjs. (we love you @thunderthighs)


"The original name of Des Moines was Fort Raccoon, and was later changed to Fort Des Moines, then shortened to the current ‘Des Moines’"

I prefer Fort Raccoon, personally.


@moosezilla: Speaking of which..... they are comfy.


@captainsuperdawg: we all know what happens to cities named after raccoons though!


Off topic:
At one point in time, my sister & I swapped 1st & 2nd for about 4 days. However, we don't live in the same state.


Hmm... so have you guys met yet?

Seems like it would be fun for you two to meet up one day, as your both very active members of this community.


@rlapid2112 that's awesome your family must have a deal hunting gene.

@grimskull89: I believe @lichme is actually a hideously deformed shut in. So there is little chance we will meet. Seriously though, I did ask him to come to the 80/35 music festival this summer, but I don't believe that's his sort of thing.

I do know the area of town he lives in. It's about 5 minutes from where I currently work. Though I'm only at that job for 4 more days.


@gideonfrost: So in order to avoid the zombie apocalypse happening in their town, they essentially renamed themselves French monks? 1) Man, they knew it was coming like 150 years ago! 2) Possibly should've renamed themselves something slightly more intimidating, neither "monks" nor "French" being terribly high on the "My mascot is scarier than yours" sliding scale.


@gideonfrost: Not gonna lie, I got a pretty good laugh out of that (perhaps there is something wrong with me or because this has been a long day).

Well meeting people you have met online is an odd encounter, or that has been my experience. Hard to explain... something doesn't feel right, like meeting the parents of a new girlfriend on the day you JUST started dating (although that feels odd for different reasons).

Like something is missing (some will be quick to point out computers), I don't know...


Nice town. My wife and I went through there a few years ago for a wedding. Also managed to hit the state fair, which was a blast.

I'm currently holding down the #3 spot (highest rank I've ever hit), if there is another Iowan who wants to round out the trifecta and bump me off :)


@okham: I was going to suggest that we make you an honorary Iowan/Des Moinien


@gideonfrost: First we take over deals.woot, then Des Moines, and then Iowa, and eventually we own the world!


@lichme: I feel like you're making the classic evil villain early reveal mistake my friend.


@gideonfrost: I can wear that badge for a bit. Work is starting, so I figure I'll have dropped by the end of the day...

@lichme: you forgot the evil laugh, whilst stroking the cat.


@gideonfrost: @lichme did you guys go see Slipknot at Toadies when such a thing was possible?
You always think there is time then they become superstars...
200 mile round trip is hard to make when your busy. : (


@gideonfrost: @lichme: heh... small world. I live in the Des Moines area as well. Guess I'll have to work at it and see if we can make it a top three.

@caffeine_dude: Do you mean at Super Toad? That was one of the best places to see shows. The Slipknot shows there were epic, but the best shows were at Hairy Mary's.


@caffeine_dude: I have never seen slipknot but my friends cousin is his ex wife.


I approve of this. I'm up in Waterloo. Howdy, neighbor!


@grimskull89: The only reason I am in Des Moines is because I met my wife online (Team Fortress Classic FTW). Made the move from Canada shortly after.


Did you know that @capguncowboy is going to just be happy with where he is? 1st and 2nd place are for losers. Like those people who take off in a dead-sprint during a mile race -- they always fall short.

Slow and steady. Slow and steady.


@rprebel: Ozzy later mentioned that biting the head off of the bat was an accident. It was supposed to be a prop (not real) and just for effect. However, it was replaced with a real bat and he just "went with it"


@gideonfrost & @lichme: I have actually spent quite a bit of time in Ames, Story City, and Lake Okoboji. My son's first fireworks experience was in Ames. My favorite places were Hickory Park, Great Plains Sauce & Dough, and (of course) Made Rite. However, I don't fit the Norwegian look. Not even close.

Also, in your plans of tasking over the world: Don't ever get caught monologuing.


Fellow Texans we cannot allow this travesty to go unfettered. The South will rise again!


@capguncowboy: I think in an interview he said he was too stoned to notice the difference until after he bit in.
But who know for real anything to promote the Ozzy image.
Ozzy sounds good and likes to give a good stage performance.

@unclefrog Yes! Super Toad my bad.


@rlapid2112: I was born in Ames and am currently driving through it.