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You have a really good question here, one which I've long wondered about. I hope we can get an answer from @shawnmiller or @jumbowoot.

I too keep a list of spammers, and I often keep lists of companies which are obviously using socks to post deals for their sites. My impression is that we seem to see this mostly with the abundance of Chinese sites.

And FWIW, I do the same sort of tattle comments; I figure the easier I can make it for a mod to check what I've tattled about, the more likely I am to get a good result. ("Good" doesn't necessarily mean it gets deleted, of course, but it sure would be nice to get some kind of response advising why it wasn't. I know the mods are busybusy, but knowing why a deal wasn't deleted will keep me from doing a subsequent tattle, thus ultimately saving the mods' time, too.)


@magic cave: Excellent points you've made there. My logic dictates that eliminating the users who repeatedly post spam would, in the long run, decrease the workload on mods. This being particularly true assuming multiple wooters are tattling on them for such despicable behavior. So, I've begun to add myself to that group, working to pinpoint and tattle on repeat offenders. Fingers crossed that this will help out, in some way.

It's too bad that we (I assume) can't share the names of spam posters in order to expedite the process of tattling and (hopefully) eventual eradication. The process of scanning the deals, and the entire community, would be better for it. imho


"Does clicking in order to leave a negative comment or tattle contribute to a deal's popularity?"

Yes, until you tattle, then the popularity score is recalculated and your click is effectively removed.


@shawnmiller: That is very good information to have. Thank you!


@shawnmiller: Thank you so much for clarifying this for us! Happy Saturday!


I think it's funny how many spammers think they're outfoxing some bot or whatever by typing links in an odd way, or by sock-puppeting (is that a verb now?), but they fail to realize that DW is patrolled by actual human users, not bots.


@magic cave: I got curious just now and did a bit of searching. Best I can tell, many of the users I've tattled on for being spam and such are gone. Poof! So...GO MODS!!!


@mamajamerson: Isn't that a nice feeling? Teamwork!


@magic cave: thats awesome! love the Woot Community!!


@notoriouscheech: Me too! It's the primary reason I hang out here.


@magic cave: Except when you have people call you 'actual human users'. How do they know?


@caffeine_dude: Wishful thinking? Is the alternative "pretend human users" and would the "pretend" modify the "human" or the "users" part of that?