questionsanyone buy an extra crescent rapidwrench bundle?


Nope. I read the forum posts from other wooters. At best neutral, most were negative. Gave it a big pass.


Ditto to what @wilfbrim said. As a technician and Mr. Fixit at home, I don't see how those wrenches would work well. I headed over to the consumer reviews and Amazon reviews and found that most of the reviews had complaints of the wrenches slipping and rounding out the nuts and bolts that they were trying to remove and that they didn't work at all on those tough to loosen jobs.


@eviloverlord333 @wilfbrim: Thanks, glad to hear.. makes me feel a little better about missing 'em :).

Yeah, I was a little leery of it, seems like the angle of the jaws seems like it wouldn't hang on very well - also seems like it would only work on certain size heads... I just now watched the promo video and 90% of the stuff they show it being used on is 2-sided flat jobs (wing nuts, eye-bolts, etc) - it basically looks like a ratcheting pair of pliers.


Everybody is correct....the best part of not getting them is that you can put that money toward some good wrenches. :)