questionswhat is your recommendation on fabric for snow…


For rainy hiking, you need Gore-Tex jacket and boots. If it's cold, Gore-Tex pants as well. Snowy hiking, a good pair of boots, possibly crampons if it's icy, or snow-shoes if it's really snowy.

Dress in layers. So you can shed them as necessary. NO COTTON! wear a good wicking layer on the bottom (think Under Armour), then a looser warmer layer, possibly a wool sweater or polar fleece sweatshirt (synthetic), finally, if it's really cold (a good Gore-Tex one).

The best advice I can give is from the Boy Scouts. Remeber the acronym COLD.

Over Heating (avoid it)
Layers (use loose layers)
Dry (keep dry)


No cotton. Ever. Waterproof shell with zippers under the arms that allow you to vent hot air. Fleece if it's really cold. I actually prefer wool myself but sometimes it can be a little heavy, especially if it gets wet. All that tech gear that you see hikers wearing? It's for a reason. Being out in the elements in the wrong clothes can kill you. Jeans and a hoodie is just about the worst possible combination but you still see some people tempting fate hiking around in those.


Wool...tape a sheep to your back!


i agree Gor-tex is where it's at, plus adding a good first layer if it's real cold will do wonders for keeping you warm. Also, a good pair of socks always helps, and never where multiple layers of socks. You don't want your piggys to sweat.