questionshave you ever tried miracle fruits (or miracle…


These are the things that supposedly drastically change your flavors yeah?

edit: Whoops it's right there in the wiki...anyway from what I've heard they definitely work.


@capguncowboy: Snake oil? Are you thinking of something different like Acai and all that? These things don't promise health benefits...they just change the the flavors your tongue detects for a few minutes.


@capguncowboy: yeah these aren't for dieting or memory, not the "super fruit".
this is supposed to make you trip on flavors by making things like raw lemons taste super sweet. check out the wikipedia article linked above.

i saw someone post a deal for this and thought maybe it's good for diabetics since it has low sugar. from reading a bit on wikipedia, it seems this is one of those products that sugar lobbyists fought hard against to protect their market share because it would cause demand for sugar to go down


@w00tgurl: My apologies. I realized my error and had corrected my post, but it gave a 404 error when I did -- it must not have accepted the edit.

I have not tried it, but I'd like to.

If only there was something that made fresh vegetables taste like cheeseburgers and french fries -- I'd be SO healthy!


@capguncowboy: no worries, the names sound VERY similar. here's the deal for it (by wootbot). one guy used it to prank his friends

as for your veggie dilemma, try sprinkling crushed cheeseburger doritos on those nasty veggies


I've used them and yes they work. I had a tasting party with some friends in D.C. once. Everyone loved them.