questionswhat's the least amount of time you will spend…


Ten minutes, maybe. Same old stuff, same old prices, BOC no longer an attraction.

Why bother?


Less than a minute? It's finals time man, I gotta crunch. I've got no extra scratch to share with Woot anyway, sad as it is, so the less temptations the better.

I'll likely just avoid the non-deals end all day so I don't make any poor decisions.


I think I'm kinda over Woot right now. I don't need to post a goodbye thread or anything and I'm sure I'll check back in now and then, but it's probably time for a break. We should probably see other people. It's not you, Woot, it's me. We're just in different places. We can always be friends.


I'll be checkin out Deals a couple few times per usual.
Probably glance over while I'm around.


I didn't even notice there was a woot-off going on. And I checked all the woot items this morning. Serious interface fail. Perhaps if their site weren't so cluttered with random half-deals these days...


Plus Woot discontinued the "all you can ship," making woot offs much less attractive.


I used to be addicted - SERIOUSLY ADDICTED! - to WOOT! I would factually be jonesing BIG TIME if there was a WOOT-OFF on and for some reason I couldn't watch it. So - I am on vacation this week, and doing nothing at home - but I haven't made the effort to watch it all day. It's just not anywhere like what it was in the beginning - it's not fun anymore. Before it was like everybody was out here trading stories and laughs and snagging silly deals.......but not now. I miss WOOT; and I guess I miss Matt, too - he obviously made it the special thing that it used to be. Now it's just another mammoth internet store - way too many choices to look at, and way too few real bargains.

Signed: not broke.......just uninspired to buy what you have for sale.


I have deliberately avoided the WOOT-OFF all day. I refuse to even look at what they're offering for fear I'll be tempted to start buying and taking that $5 hit for each item. Better to just look away.


not sure...did I miss anything?


Woot offs are no longer awesome with the all day $5 shipping gone :-(


The excitement and thrill is already far past gone. I used to actually get excited when there was one on. I would work less. But, alas, no more. This time I found out about the wootoff from another site :(

...Just to add what's already been said...


Pretty much a waste of time. Seldom anything really exciting, just the same ole stuff.

Not missing anything. Offerings and pricing is very ordinary. Need to kick it up a notch, Woot!


I no longer see much that I need, and very little I really want.

This is only the second woot off I've paid attention to, but as most here are saying, it seems there was more to it back then. Now its all about the benjamins.

I have yet to ever see the much-fabled BOC. This Wooter is beginning to have doubt it exists. It is perhaps...extinct?


@robert7hall: Ditto. $5 all day shipping is what made woot off work, without it It is a moot off.


Have a long did woot have the $5 per day shipping? Anyone remember when that temporary (they said so at the time) daily shipping charge went into effect? I don't, maybe a staff member can enlighten us.

I remember woot-offs that did not have that. Each time you bought an individual item, you had to pay 5 bucks. (Multiples of the same item shipped for $5).

This is not new; it's old. So...what's the fuss? Back to the old way. Sorta.

The new shopping cart obviously is not useful during a woot-off. But, it does allow you to place many, many items in your cart and get the benefit of the $5 shipping charge...on every day other that woot-off days.

Will not go on & on about the caliber of products during recent woot-offs. Nor the prices. That's another issue.

Edited to add an answer to the original OP. Very, VERY little time spent. Simply don't care about the products & prices of woot-off items. Sad; used to be fun.


@gmwhit: The prices are not good when the shipping is added making multiple purchases in a woot off a bad deal.


@mybestuser1: I know. What I'm saying is that's the way it was before the temporary $5 shipping went into effect. Been here long enough to remember paying the $5 per different item charge. During woot-offs and every single day.

Again, this is NOT new. Don't disagree about the cost w/shipping...just saying it's back to the way it was. (For woot-offs. For everyday buying, you now have the $5 per CART shipping charge.)


The last 2 woot-offs I have spent 0 time.. I dont even bother putting up or for auto-tracking.. The prices aren't good, and no more $5 all you can ship.

I am here for the deals.woot community only


I still don't need a monitor, TV, tablet or other refurbished electronic device I didn't need at the last 8 Woot Offs, or on tech.woot or the main woot which appear about daily. So, I've spent very little time.

The Woot Offs have stunk for a while now, we all know it, they know we know it. They. Don't. Care.

So, neither do I.


Don't even watch the woot-offs anymore. Old woot is no more. No BOC no since wasting my day here. Prices and products are no longer remarkable. I miss you Woot


Wow. And I thought I was the only one that just didn't give a frack about the woot off.

EDIT: I'd be really interested to know if the traffic for the wootoffs is going down or not. I would think it is, but maybe I'm wrong. I know there is no way we would ever be able to find out, but it would be interesting to see if our perception (these are boring and nothing interesting for sale) is the reality.


Very little. This is the first one in years where I haven't used a woot tracker because I don't care anymore.

The reasons are:
- Deals are not very good
- The stuff is not that interesting
- The shipping cost change makes the marginal deals not worthwhile
- There's no hunt for a BOC to keep it fun and engaging


@jsimsace: Hmmmmm I actually believe that @lichme is capable of many, many astounding feats.. He has proven that he provides much more info than woot/deals, etc. does.

OTOH, I don't think he's privy to that kind of info. Nor do I think woot wants that info posted.

Will say this, I've been wondering about what seems to me much lower votes on the 'Sponsored Deal of the Day.' Lack of interest? Apathy?


@gmwhit: Noticed as well here....I was thinking about making that an "ATC" question, then remembered that I am so over that. :) The participation on the sponsored deals' comments has definitely gone south. Apologies to the OP for being a wanderer.


@jsimsace: ::snicker:: "So over that...." Wondering at this point who isn't...over it. Though we do have a few eyes-glazed-over new members. (Sorry, to those of you that this applies to...I was ONCE there, too. No offense intended.)

Yes, yes, I know. Everything changes. Woot has. Forgive me for 1) Going off-topic 2) For voicing my sadness (and yet again!) over the unfortunate changes that seemingly diminish the draw of deals/woot, the community.


I do have some info and stats, however I dont have woot numbers. I can see how many sales there were and stuff, but not how many purchases or number of each item was sold. I can probably say there has been a decline in small ticket purchases.