questionswhere did the discussion thread go about ohcheri…


We were talking about why certain peoples deals have tag changes often; who changes them, and the criteria for what gets tagged as what b/c we were analyzing similar deals and how deals by vendors where changed in comparison to deals by individuals.


pre modded tags: what why one-mods-quest-to-remove-stuff-they-dont-like concern-for-fellow-wootizens ?


I am not aware of your previous question or who deleted it. Could it be considered a duplicate question?


@prettywootprincess: He's referring to question titled (roughly): Why did a day old popular deal get deleted?


Just a guess, but maybe whoever is deleting the deals also deleted the question.

I know it's frustrating, but look at the reality of the situation. It's someone else's website, and they can do whatever they like. It may or may not be 'good business', but it's the truth.


Did it go Popular? If the thread was just under the Fresh tab, it may have dropped off.


@hot72chev: No, it was deleted. I tried searching for it. I think it was asked by @hobbitss


Yes it was deleted.. This place is really getting pathetic!!

Now all you get is this..

hmm…we can't find that question

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@prettywootprincess: You know it is a little hard to claim something didn't exist when your server sends out e-mails every time someone replies to the thread..

Like this one...

ohcheri commented on a Question on Deals.Woot
Why would a Day old popular deal disappear??

@magic cave: I'm not considered "special" just because I mark down my products especially for WOOTizens. The Hater Mod seems to despise me for precisely this reason (that I am a merchant).

Some people just don't get it. If you alienate your customers they will go away and so will your job of customer service.

Hater Mod should try visualizing DW with no vendor participation...I see tumbleweeds.

Stop receiving emails when someone comments on this question

I have more I can post if you'd Like!!


@hobbitss: I have a copy of that one, also.


@prettywootprincess: No, I am not a Merchant, but I could be...


@hobbitss: well...if you're interested, I've started a discussion board called Wooters R's a place where common sense will rule and no topic will be deleted (unless it's something horribly offensive but again..common sense will rule.)
I put "Wooters" in the name so it feels like we all have something in common right from the start.
It's a place where you can put your feet up, grab a beer (or a cup of tea) and talk about everything and anything...not just Woot stuff.
It's free to join and I have some things planned, like games and contests.
The link is in my signature...and everyone is welcome, even non-wooters.

I hope I see you there! :D

edited to add: signature doesn't show up....the URL is:


@ohcheri: Another Swim Suit Deal was deleted last night...
BadMod must have been on the prowl...