questionswhat makes you vote up or down on a deal or…


I downvote on occasion, but not nearly as much as I used to. Normally it's when I have just had enough of a meme, etc.

I love the snarky comments and the deals/questions that make me laugh out loud. There could never be too many of those. I upvote all of them.

I also upvote anytime that someone takes the words out of my mouth or posts something that I was going to post -- or if it's at all educational in value.

We have a lot of really smart people here and I think there's a lot to be said about our willingness to help one another with genuine sincerity.


I don't down vote but ignore instead--like ignoring the comment above mine. Our new friend from a foreign land has been posting little gems like this one for a few days.

I don't mind the memes as much as others and I appreciate a funny comment even if it doesn't add information to a particular deal. I look at Deals as like being at a giant cocktail party with snippets of jokes and conversations floating all over the place.


I upvote 5X as much as I downvote. I only downvote deals that aren't really deals (usually posted by a represenative of the website being promoted). I downvote comments that contain bold-face misinformation or is abundantly clear a derogatory rant, usually directed at another member. Comments that contain valuable information or a good chuckle get an up vote. Tons of great deals on here, so that's a given.

The haphazard voting is something I've taken a gripe with a couple times. Since users are able to vote without actually opening up the post to view the description/comments, they tend to just quickly vote with the crowd. So if the first 3-4 people vote it up, the next 10 vote it up as well. And it's become a bit of Woot tradition to downvote the last "Sponsored Deal". lol Sometimes it deserves it, sure, but other times there's absolutly nothing wrong with it what-so-ever. I made a question asking opinions about this 6-8 month ago and got destroyed...


I'm in the "rarely downvote" crowd. Most things that I don't like I just ignore unless it's a personal attack. I think I pretty much just said what others above me did, but that's the way it is with me. Enjoy your time here!


@firebirdude: You don't have to open a deal to read the details. If you hover your cursor over the deal title, the entire deal text appears. It saves a quite a bit of time to hover, read, and then vote or not.


I down vote underwear and womens lingerie. I up vote just about everything else.


@fmp031000: "I usually vote down ... comments that are all anger, stupidity, or lies and no substance." - so YOU'RE the person who keeps downvoting my comments! RRARRRRGGHH!

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vote up: useful/funny stuff that makes me think it was well worth my time to read or stuff i agree with and would have posted something similar but was beaten to the punch
vote down: stuff that makes me think "imma not getting that 15 seconds back" - usually "hate" stuff that makes me think the poster should not reproduce

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