questionscan you help me put together an indoor workout…


I would highly recommend checking out stuff from Jillian Michaels. If you want to invest $10 in her 30 Day Shred DVD (3 different workouts), you can watch the exercises and then they're pretty easy to remember. I was really amazed at how quickly I saw some results with that particular one. It's a mix of strength, cardio and abs, and all you need is a set of hand weights and a very minimal amount of space. Quick and comprehensive.

She's got a book or two out as well that also have workout plans and instructions, but I personally do better when I can watch someone else doing it. You don't have to follow the plan exactly, you can mix and match for whatever you feel like.


Therabands are inexpensive, versatile, and so light/small that they'll take up almost no room in your bag. (I've also found that body-weight strength training is underrated: if done properly, it can be quite challenging.) For lower body, tie one together and put it around your ankles: forward walks, backward walks, and giant steps; side steps work adductors/abductors. For upper body, stand on it for biceps and triceps; throw it around a solid support, like a basement column, for chest fly, etc. There's obviously much more that one can do with them, but one other possibility that comes to mind is to take the month to focus on small muscle groups that might not get much attention usually: tied theraband around the ankles, work side-to-side; theraband around the bottom of your toes, ends in your hand, work extension, etc.

Have fun with changing up your routine, whatever you end up doing!


I have had this DVD for years and I still use it regularly. It is split into 3 sections: upper body, lower body, and flexibility. I run fairly regularly, so I use the upper body section more frequently than any other. In the video they use 3 lb weights and this can be a challenge for me when done properly, but you could definitely up the weight if necessary. Space required for these exercises is pretty minimal. Many are done standing, You would need a bit more room for the yoga based floor exercises.

This isn't a high-intensity kind of workout. However, I have personally found more benefit in slow, focused exercises that emphasis muscle control over the more frenetically paced workouts that are available.


Shoot, too late to edit my last reply. Since you are traveling I would imagine you don't want to invest in any DVDs, so I looked for some place that would have some of the standing upper body exercises I was referring to and found this source:

These are still best accomplished with hand weights. Hopefully you have something available where you are staying that could work!


Sheesh, I just realized I never added the link to the video I referred to in my first post!


If you have internet, try pilates or Insanity on YouTube. I use both. Neither require no equipment.

YouTube Windsor Pilates

Youtube: Insanity


@pyxientx: I've heard Insanity can be hard on your knees. Have you actually done these workouts? Have you had any knee problems?


Yes, I have done both, and yes I have had knee problems (replacement cap). As I stated, Insanity is high intensity. It can be very hard on joints, but you can do modified or skip the ones you are unable to do. For example, for the jumping jacks, I just do arms, and bend the legs (squats) instead of jumping. Almost every exercise can be modified in some way. It doesn't work as well or work all intended muscles, but having had to deal with this and severe arthritis since I was 18, it becomes second nature.

If you feel uncomfortable with doing mods on your own, try pilates. It will help build muscles around the injured areas without causing further injuries. Windsor Pilates shows the mods with each exercise.

Edit: I did state in the original post that Insanity was high intensity, but had to erase due to space limits with the google searches. Sorry for leaving that out.


Do you have a Wii? The Wii fit can give you quite the workout and it's very low impact, as your feet never leave the board.

Even if you don't have a Wii, you can get the whole set of a Wii + Wii Fit for under $200 these days. Doesn't take much space at all.

Best part - it really doesn't get boring.


i think you could do up and down steps on stairs, a step-up workout. and also, you could do jog in place.. by the way, i highly recommend this it has a list of diet food good for your workout training. because balanced food intake and regular exercise should be paired!


If you want to travel and workout with weights, anything you can hold onto works. One gallon water and milk jugs, etc have handles. Large water and drink containers are very handy. I can hold onto a full two liter Gatorade bottle at any angle and intensity. Buy it there, leave it there.
I agree on the bands, if you want to use them No weight, no volume.
I don't get the thing against DVDs, tho. Take just a copy with you. Less room than the bands, every laptop I use has a DVD player, and most hotel rooms have a DVVD player in their TV. Ask. Or just upload a couple to your laptop.